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Young Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Expensive Properties For Their Parents

Young Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Expensive Properties For Their ParentsYoung Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Expensive Properties For Their Parents

Some people were not born with silver spoon but they successfully created one for themselves through hard-work. Getting into stardom is not an easy feat but through grace and hard-work, some people found themselves in the limelight and they made judicious use of the opportunity they got.

It is pertinent to note that not every young person doing well and buying expensive things is a fraud. There are dozens of young people in Nigeria who have started working very hard at a tender age. Thus, it is important to ditch the mental belief that every young person living glamorous life is involved is fraud. It is absolutely wrong.

Teen Comedienne Emmanuella and Afro-rave Singer Rema

Here’s the list of two Nigerian youngsters who made it big tender age and used some of their money to buy expensive gifts for their parents.

1. The first person on the list is Divine Ikubor, widely known as Rema.

At the tender age of 17, Rema put a big smile on the face of his mother. He surprised her with a car gift, a Lexus SUV, which reportedly cost roughly N4 to N8 million, depending on the model, as at 2017.

Photos of the car gift Rema gave his mom at the age of 17

It isn’t the case that Rema’s childhood was all fun and rosy without any hardship. When he was just 15, he had lost both his father and older brother. It was his love for music and hunger to achieve something greater that helped him persevere through the rough times.

During an interview with CapitalXtra, Rema disclosed that he had hustled really hard as a child. He said he went to Ghana to work at a bar beach before hitting a breakthrough in the music industry.

He also said that he was not ‘really’ rich when he gifted his mother the car but he did not like to see his mother trekking. Since he did not have much to do with the money at that time, he bought a car for his mum.

Wat Rema did had a great impact in his life because shortly after honoring his mother, music star D’Prince got in touch with him and signed him to his label ‘Jonzing World’, which is a subsidiary of Mavin Records.

2. Another young girl who gifted her mother an expensive house gift is Emmanuella Samuel, simply known as Emmanuella.

The teen actress is inarguably one of the fastest rising kid comediennes in Nigeria and the continent at large. At the tender age of 5, Emmanuella’s dexterity and acting prowess had already been discovered by Mark Angel. She gained media recognition at the young age of 5 and she literally became every household favorite.

Photos of the house property Emmanuella gave his mother at the tender age of 10

At the tender age of 10, Emmanuella unveiled the new house she built for mother. She said: “I built this for you mom. For all the prayers, all the encouragements and support! Mummy I know you said you want a portable house and this is it but forgive me because I must complete your mansion next year. Don’t worry it won’t make us go to hell. My super Christmas mummy. I love you.”

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