Young Dolph & Key Glock Are On Go In “Green Light” Music Video

Take a ride through Memphis with Dolph and Key Glock.

Ever since dropping Rich Slave back in August of 2020, Young Dolph has been relatively quiet. Apart from reportedly being sued for sharing a video of a soldier twerking to his 2018 song “Major” and gifting a Lamborghini to one of his biggest fans, the South Memphis artist has sat back and let his music speak for itself.

As a result, “Green Light,” one of the fan favorites from the deluxe version of Rich Slave, has received a visual treatment. In the video, Dolph boards a MATA (Memphis Area Transit Authority) bus and performs the song while traveling through Memphis. Real-life passengers — who probably couldn’t have predicted that a routine bus ride would turn out to be a Young Dolph video shoot — can be seen throughout the video. Other scenes show that Dolph’s generous mood is still going strong as he gifts many of the riders with stacks of cash.

Key Glock eventually makes an appearance, performing his guest feature on “Green Light” live from the MATA bus as well. Afterward, the close collaborators exit the vehicle and are quickly greeted by a flock of fans, and the video concludes with them taking pictures with their supporters.

The concept for “Green Light” is an interesting and confined approach to music videos, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. Was it a hit or a miss?


Source: HNH

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