YNW Bortlen Proves The Cold Never Bothered Him With New Single “Iceee”

As YNW Melly remains incarcerated on murder charges, the rest of his “Young New Wave” crew — we won’t say the other name for the group — is still holding things down on a musical front. The latest to drop some heat is YNW Bortlen, and he actually decided to get frosty on us with his fresh new banger “Iceee.”

Filled with bodacious snow angels and jewelry that could blind even Stevie Wonder, the official music video for “Iceee” shows us just what happens when you give a young Florida dude a budget, some creative direction and the chance to flex as a burgeoning rap star in the game. Overall, we think he accomplished the look he was going for, not to mention adding some graphics in the mix that gives the video an even more cinematic touch. Props on the production, Cortlen!

Listen to YNW Bortlen’s cold new single “Iceee” below, along with the equally iced-out music video that dropped not too long ago. Let us know if it’s making it into your playlists, if it’s there already or you’re just not rocking with this one (respectfully!) by sounding off down below in the comment section:

Quotable Lyrics:

The money done came in, and the fame came with it
My neck and my wrist lit, Fiji diamonds in it
Polar bear with it, Alaska, stackin’ this money and my racks up, ask her
Private chauffeur, all this drip I need a coaster
Rollercoaster, addicted to me, I’ma get her throat suck
But I’ll never love her, I’m in love with the fetti
Confetti, I’m poppin’ like a getty
She slurpin’ me, spaghetti
Steady blowin’ up my celly
You know that I’m a deady
Say her favorite rap lil’ boy, that’s Lil’ Melly



Source: HNH


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