Woman forgets to turn off Zoom while discussing her “monster s****” with plumber

Like so many aspects of our lives in 2020, the way we work has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although lots of people can’t work from home, those that can have been ordered too, in order to stop the spread of Covid.

It can be a struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance when working from your living room, and Zoom meetings can be tiring for lots of people.

One woman faced a stressful morning after her colleagues accidentally overheard her discussion with the plumber, who had been hired to fix the toilet.

Posting on Reddit’s ‘Today I F***** Up’ forum, she described the mortifying incident.

“I had just let the plumber in to fix my toilet and he came by to tell me that it was done,” she wrote.

The plumber was fixing the broken toilet

“I guess I must have accidentally leaned on the button or something because I asked him about it, got up to take a look, and then came back to 5-6 private messages on Zoom.

“I’m REALLY hoping all anyone heard was “is it fixed now? It’s been draining slowly for a while.”

“Otherwise, everyone will have gotten to hear about the monster s**** I take that f*** with my plumbing.

“It would be a little funny, but it’s been a massive struggle making friends with my classmates this year.

“COVID hasn’t helped. I’m mortified that this is going to be their impression of me now.

“Can’t wait for that recording to come out so I can relive it in 2x speed.Β Β 

“TL;DR: Accidentally unmuted myself on Zoom while talking with the plumber and got a bunch of private messages from my classmates letting me know that I’d been interrupting class with a discussion of how I wreaked havoc on the toilet.”

Her description of the incident left others feeling sorry for the woman – and her colleagues.

One person advised: “Eh, lean into man. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, and that should stop most people from making it into a big deal.”

Another revealed: “One of the guy in my class left the mic unmuted and said some swear words to the guys that were there with him while the teacher was telling something to the class.

“And poor guy didn’t even notice it. Teacher said “I hope you know you are not in the high school or primary school” and he didn’t even hear what teacher have said.”

A third replied: “I’m sure you brightened up a few people’s day.”


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