Why Rema Is Bigger In Nigerian Music Industy Than Mayorkun


Performing well in the music industry is not about who came first in the the game . It is rather about who or has the highest streams, hits songs, sold-out shows, recognition, air played and many more.

Mayorkun and Rema are two big artists in the Nigerian Music Industry. Both are signed onto two biggest recording lable as well.

Mayorkun is singed to DMW Label of Davido whiles Rema is signed to Mavin Records which belings to Don Jazzy

However, Mayorkun and Rema have been put on the comparison scale by their fans and we are here to put some facts across to settle the issue between the two artists.

1 Music Streams

Using the aspect of music streams on some selected music streaming platforms like spotify and audio mark, we can say Rema is performing far better than Mayorkun.

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Whiles Rema biggest 4 songs are streaming at 55M, Mayorkun 12 biggest songs have been streamed at 27M and both artists streasm are still counting.

On Sportify alone, Rema has 1.5M music streams whiles Mayorkun has 381K streams.

Also on Audiomark, Rema is enjoying 126M streams with Mayorkun having 51.6M streams.

With this statics, we can say Rema is considerably doing well in the Nigerian Music Industry than his colleague Mayorkun.

Rema launched his musical career in 2019, is which just two years ago, far late than Mayorkun who has been in the industry 4 years ago, meaning 2 years older than Rema in the industry.

What makes it more surprising with Rema’s high numbers is that, he back slided with the wave he brought into the game in 2019. Simply, he did not released many songs last year like what Mayorkun did.

This can be calculated that, had he done more songs in 2020, his numbers will have been more than these.

Well, we can say Rema is doing better than Mayorkun currently.

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Source: Ghgossipp

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