Why Pastors Who Predicted About Deaths And Election Results Should Be Arrested


We really have to get serious as a country. The demerits of religion have become so overwhelming that this writer cannot fathom why people still hold on to the seeming buffoonery it propagates.

Religion has retarded people’s thinking faculty and it’s intriguing how they cling to everything their religious leaders tell them without subjecting it to scrutiny. Christianity is a complete joke and shambolic, following the unbelievable hogwash these pastors engage in and how their followers sheepishly ‘obey without complain.’

Contemporary so-called men of God, driven by grief and selfishness now go on prediction galore and happily thump their chests in excitement when their deaths prophecies are fulfilled. Which genuine pastor sees death prophecy hovering around a person and broadcast it to the whole world instead of going straight to the person and laying his hand on him?

Sadly, instead of preaching about salvation and leading their sheep to the Kingdom of God, men of God from our part of the world wake up from the occultic side of their bed, think about any important celeb or prominent person they can prey on, and give him a death prophecy and adds that this is what the Lord has told him and wait for the drama to unfold.

And whatever means they use to make this prediction comes to pass is your own guess. Moments after the death of Jerry John Rawlings, some pastors have boldly claimed they predicted his demise a long time ago. One of them is a relatively unknown evangelist who said he saw this back in February 2020. See a screenshot of his message.

In comes Prophet Nigel Gaisie who was also seen in a supposed old video asking for prayers to be said for H.E Konadu Agyemang Rawlings because he had seen a dark cloud around her.

One common denominator that often ties all these charades is that after their predictions, they will ask Ghanaians to pray.

If the person eventually dies, they come out taking all the accolades. If the prediction is not fulfilled, they will form a clever theory by saying God listened to him (the pastor or prophet) when he intervened.

How long are going to allow these people to mock God? When will Christians use he common sense God gave them and learn the Bible thoroughly so they can detach themselves from the umbilical cord of these fake pastors?

And let me make it clear that any pastor who says God has revealed to him about who is going to win any presidential election is not from God. I don’t have time to quote anything from the Bible to support this. The moment we become discerning, these fake pastors will fade out.

It’s high time some of them are arrested and charged for sensationalism and making utterances without evidence. This is my humble opinion.

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Source: Ghgossipp

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