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Why Nigerian Agitators Must Stop Protesting In Foreign Countries

Why Nigerian Agitators Must Stop Protesting In Foreign CountriesWhy Nigerian Agitators Must Stop Protesting In Foreign Countries

Recently, some Nigerians have adopted the culture of holding a mass protest in foreign countries as a way to show their grievances abroad. This form of agitation or protest is doing more harm than good to the image of the country. Such forms of protest or demonstration attract unnecessary blind judgement and embarrassment to the image of Nigeria in the foreign world.

Agitation is a way to demonstrate grievances to the government or authority in a particular country. This is one of the basic rights that the constitution provides for the people of a country. It is unfortunate that some people are misusing this opportunity for political or private gains. There are reports that some people are being paid a meagre amount of money just to hold protests in foreign countries.

Agitation domestically will attract the government attention more easily than doing it in foreign countries. The most popular place to channel grievances or complaints is the National Assembly. This organ of government has the power to decide the outcome or influence certain government decisions. But when such agitations are held in foreign countries, the country may consider it as a way to undermine its government.

During the recent mass protest against police brutality which was held in the federal capital city of Abuja and some key states, the Nigerian government promptly responded to the demands of the people which led to a scrap of the Special Anti Robbery Squad unit of the Nigerian Police Force. This signifies that protest and demonstrations that are held domestically have more impact and seems to be the right way to communicate with the government or authorities.

Nigeria practices a democratic system of government that allows people to hold a peaceful protest or demonstration if they are given permission by the police or relevant authority. This means that the government will always consider and grants the freedom for people to demonstrate peacefully without causing unrest, violence or anxiety.

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