Why Igbos Are Fighting For Independence & Reasons Why They Might Not Get It

It has been quite obvious that the people of southeast of Nigeria, proudly known as OHANEZE NDI IGBO, has been agitating for their freedom

It has been quite obvious that the people of southeast of Nigeria, proudly known as OHANEZE NDI IGBO, has been agitating for their freedom to be independent and become a sovereign Nation at large, This led to the Nigeria-Biafra war that lasted for 2years 6months & 1week. Ever since the war ended till this day the Igbos (Biafara) had always belived that one day The Land Of The Raising Sun will surely come to have their Independence and Freedom.

ORIGIN of the Igbos(Biafra)

History has told us that that the people of NDI IGBO has come from Egypt the lineage of a man known as ERI and he’s regarded as the Father Of The Igbos, ERI is the Fifth son of GAD the seventh son of Jacob, This can be seen in the bible Gen 46:15-18 & Numbers 26:16-18, He left Egypt with his group of Companions just before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to Cannan years back.

They journeyed through water until they arrived at EZU & OMAMBALA (Anambara), a River known as Abangbo located at the present AGULERI. ERI died after the settlement in the land, he said he had received a vision that their final destination would be there. ERI died and his first son AGULU took over and their population increased drastically, the siblings of AGULU founded various other settlement that Igbos occupied today, while AGULU remained in his fathers house. It was named AGULERI when ERI son AGULU joined his named with his fathers because he was formally called AGULU nwa ERI and he named it AGULERI

MNERI one of AGULU’s siblings left their father’s house and settled in a big forest where he took hunting for a profession while performing his spiritual work like his father. He named his settlement AGU-UKWU NRI, Eri descendants believed in spiritual rites and the worshipped a GOD the called CHUKWU

How the three tribes where joined

The IGBOs where first merged with the southerners called the Yorubas And Benin In 1900, by the British then it was called the Southern Nigeria and was later amalgamated into one with the northern Hausa-Fulani in 1914, when lord lugard was made Governor general over the two protectorate then he combined the colony on one Nigeria

The IGBOs wanted to restore back their name as being an independent and sovereign as a Nation, which led to war the Biafra soilders wear Led by Col general ChukwuEmeka Odumegu Ogukwu, Biafrans lost the battle as their leader feld to cortd’voiur after their last capital territory OWEERI where caputuerd by Nigerias

It was recorded that during the war civilians surfferd and died as a result of hunger because Nierias blocked entrance of food to the the Biafra

Why BIAFRA still want freedom & Serpate from NIGERIA

Ever since after the igbos have always had it in mind that Biafra would one day return, Freedom fighters have aroused to help agitate for independent through referendum.

MASSOB: Actualization of the Sovreign State of Biafra, This a group that has been for many years in Nigeria. With the aim of fighting and Agitating for the freedom of the Easterners (Biafra) headed by Ralph Uwazurike

IPOB: Indigenous peoples of Biafra, a group that divided itself form. MASSOB with the same aim that Biafra would get freedom through Referendum, with Namdi Kanu as the head

• Biafras had believed that the Hausa-Fulani people have only been treating them as salves, and have been cheating them of their rights, Biafran believed that they have been looked down upon and has decide not to invest on their land, they claim that their oil and mineral resource have always been used to develop the northern region, they belived that the Eastern part of Nigeria would be made much better if the get to stand on their own as BIAFRA and Become a sovereign Nation.

Why BIAFRA might not get independence

Not withstanding that the Igbos are very desperate to gain this independence there are some facts that can still hinder them, from achieving success

• Based on the Igbo way of life and how they choose their leaders, it needs to be stated clearly that Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB and Ralph of MASSOB or any other such activist in this Igbo self-actualisation movement do not exhibit the Igbo leadership traits and are not the leaders of the Igbo independent movement. If this should work, Leaders should be chosen they way Igbos have always done it from tradition.

•Disagreement agmost the BIAFRA Top Leaders

It has been known that the heads of the Villages and Governors of most States have disagreed, to give their support to agitate for freedom but rather encourages one love and peace among the 3 tribes, stating on the mishap that took place during the war, and wishes it won’t happen again.

Nigerians Current Government in the person of the persident, Mohamadu Buhari has said that his administration will not bow down to demands of separatism.

• Namdi a Runaway leader: Buhari stated that they shall not allow irresponsible elements to start trouble and when things get bad they run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, he said all this due to the leader of IPOB who has caused violence in the name of Referendum and left to Israel, if he really fight for this he should in his homeland and not repeating the same mistakes our former commander OGUKWU did.

• BIAFRA has been declared as terrorist by the UN, due to how the youths of ndi igbo go about ravaging the cities with sitickes and Rod, disarming uniform men all in the name of peaceful demonstrations which has somehow turned bloody as youths lose their lives following the voice of Namdi Kanu.

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