White Gold Reveals Eminem Wrote “Zeus” Verses In 2 Hours


Eminem wrote & Recorded ‘Zeus’ in less than 24 hours.

Bronx singer White Gold who recently appeared on Eminem’s latest deluxe version of ‘Music To Be Murdered By‘, sat down with Gibran Nassif for an interview on Keyed Up Podcast. On the show, he was asked about how did his recent Eminem collaboration happen.

So you’re on Eminem’s latest ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Side-B, on the ‘Zeus’ track, what inspired that and kind of how did it all happen,” asks Gibran.

Yeah I was on facetime with my friend T-Minus who produced it,” says White Gold. “And we were just kicking it and just talking and he was like, he was telling me how he was proud of me for getting on the album. And I was like have you ever worked with Em, he was like Nah never, I would love to and I was like I bet you I could get you on the album. So he sends me like four beats and that was the first one I heard it and I was like, I’ll be back. It took me 5 minutes to come up with the hook and 15 minutes to cut it, it was ready. I sent it to him and he was like yo this is actually f**kin hard.

He continues and revealed how Eminem wrote all the verses in a couple of hours. “The next morning I sent it over to Royce and he was like ‘holy sh*t this is a banger’. I went to bed and woke up and Em was like, yo is this for me, this is crazy, can I have this. Two hours later he hit Royce, he was like ‘yo I’m done, tell him to send the files.’ He cut everything, he cut all those verses in a couple of hours and that was it. It didn’t take a day for the placement, between my conversation and the song being done, it took less than a day.

Watch the interview below.



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