“What A Shame”,People React As Alleged Pastor Ventures Into The Sales Of Anointed Facemasks.(Details)

Most times we do doubt some so called men of God because of their action and way of doing things. Their action either look like they are into.the ministry because it’s one of the fastest way to generates cool money in the country or that some actually called themselves, using the common language” am called by God”. Most pastors action has make several people lose interest in churches to the extent that some doesn’t even belief in God anymore, most of these are caused by misleading by their fake men of God.

Today a picture below was shared by one woman known as Maryconstance Agolu on Facebook.

In the picture an alleged pastor, with unknown name and church name was seen lying on a several facemasks in pack as shown above. According to Maryconstance Agolu who shared the picture, the pastor has tag those facemasks he was seen praying upon as “Annointed facemask”. This aren’t a joke, I believe you may laugh here.

See her post below

According to her post, when COVID-19 was very rampant and people were under strict lockdown, thia pastor never come out to to find solution to it or curb by healing people the spread or challenge health care workers. Now that things are getting better by grace of God and church and other places are opening the next thing is that he now engage to begins the sells anointed Facemasks. This appears to also confused the narrator.

One of the advantages of Covid-19 is that it has enable us to belief more in the power of God than putting our trust in any man of God, ask yourself how many pastor cure a serious Covid-19 patient? Not those with malaria or those that were allegedly been cured without people knowing about their health condition first. Look at the number of prominent personality that were dead, how many pastors helped them. Anyways only God knows who is actually serving him.

These issue have cause several reaction online, here are how people reacted.

This look embarrassing. What is your take about this? Hope you already arrange your money to get one Annointed facemask? The funniest thing is that the price will be double the one we buy at onitsha market or Oshodi market.

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