Warning: Never Enter These Types of Vehicles In Lagos, You May Be Kidnapped

If you live in Lagos, you must do everything within your power to secure yourself and be security conscious. Moving from one place to the other in Lagos is very tedious and during the moving if care is not taken there may be security leakages. So don’t fall a victim.

If you don’t have your own car, you need to take note of this security information when going from one place to another in the cities of Lagos. Before you enter any motor you need to be very sure of the type of motor.

Lagos commercial vehicles have yellow colour, being Danfo or any other types. Generally the commercial vehicles are safer to enter compare to some private vehicles who offer you a lift.

Now you will notice some white commercial buses, this type of buses have a lot security threat and I will advice you to be extremely careful before you enter them. Sometime their price are cheaper and you may be tempted to enter. If you do? you may found yourself in another location, some People are using this buses for kidnapping.

Not only the white commercial buses, some Lagos colour buses are also used to perpetual evil act in Lagos, kidnapping, robbery and one chance. Never rush to enter buses because the price is cheap or you are in haste.

This is area I am going, most of Lagosians like free service or cheaper price if they see any vehicle offer this services they will not think twice before jumping in. This is the reason why kidnapping are rampant this day, most people like to enter private vehicle without knowing the driver in person. Most ladies are guilty of this, somebody you don’t know offer to give you a lift ( free service) you gladly accepted. If you find yourself in trouble.

You should not always enter private vehicles that are looking for passengers, instead use your money to enter commercial buse. Private car can be easily used to perpetual crime especially those jeep with a tinted glasses.

In conclusion, watch very carefully before you enter any vehicle in Lagos either private or commercial.

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