Waka Flocka Discusses Being “Broke” During Pandemic

Waka Flocka Discusses Being "Broke" During Pandemic

Waka Flocka Discusses Being “Broke” During Pandemic

The rapper revealed that his version of broke could also be another person’s idea of being rich, but the pandemic took successful on his finances.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit almost everyone pretty hard as workplaces struggled to remain afloat. many people were fired, furloughed, or laid off, and within the show business , artists struggled to take care of their “ballin’ out of control” lifestyles without making appearances or performing live shows.

We’ve been easing our way into a replacement normal and artists are back to hitting the club scene, but during the filming of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta last year, Waka Flocka admitted that his finances had taken successful .

“I ain’t do no shows in like, three months,” Waka complained. His mother, Deb Antney, understood things were tight, considering it had been during the height time of quarantine. “I’m broke,” Waka repeated. Deb couldn’t believe it and said she wasn’t worried about her son running out of cash anytime soon.

“If you do not make money ma, technically, you do not got money,” he said. “I lost millions.” Ms. Deb told him that he must save more, but Waka replied, “I return to zero per annum , ma, and this year isn’t wealthy .” during a green screen interview, Waka reiterated that he’d lost out on making many dollars, but explained that his version of being broke is “different.”

“My broke, people say is that they rich,” added the rapper. “But what i’m gonna do is find out new business ventures. I’m just goin’ with the wind, man. I’m going with the water, I ain’t goin’ against the ocean.” Elsewhere, Waka revealed that he’s making a return to music, but he is not getting to “do what he’s usually been doing in music.”

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