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Vlad Asks Capitol Hill Insurrectionists To DM Him For Interview

Vlad TV puts out an open call to interview anyone who stormed the Capitol building last week. Any takers?

VladTV faced an incredible amount of criticism in the past few months, largely due to the type of questions he asks his subjects. This was emboldened after rumors floated around that Vlad’s interviews were used to indict Casanova last month, a claim that’s been widely debated.

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Nonetheless, it seems that even with his name dragged through the mud, he’s leveraging it to his benefit. Last week’s Capitol riots left many insurrectionists roaming the free-world, though FBI and law enforcement officials are trying to track the people responsible for it down. Slowly but surely, names and photos of the individuals began to circulate across social media and the FBI, among other agencies, are in the midst of cracking down. Vlad appears to be willing to speed up this process. He took to Twitter where he put out feelers for a potential interview with Capitol Hill insurrectionists on his platform. “If you were involved in the storming of the Capitol building, DM me for an interview,” reads a tweet from the account.

There was an overwhelming response to the tweet with one person writing, “He trying to get the right people locked up this time tho.” We’ll see if anyone bites the bait. Check out some of the best responses below. 


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