UNBELIEVABLE : Rep. Ilhan Omar Puts Her Now-Husband On Payroll While Married To Someone Else

Rep. Ilhan Omar Puts Her Now-Husband On Payroll While Married To Someone Else

Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) private life has been the subject of some scrutiny before (fairly or unfairly), but a new discovery about Omar’s tax returns has shifted focus on to the Minnesota legislator’s complicated family situation, and whether her relationships may have led her and her now-husband to violate federal law is yet to be known.

Early Last week, a Minnesota campaign finance review board released a report detailing a months-long investigation into whether Omar violated Minnesota ethics laws. But, according to The Hill, the report also speculated that Omar and her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015 while Omar was still legally married to another man.


Omar’s fundraising did land her in some hot water. She was “ordered … to repay her state House campaign committee nearly $3,500 in funds used in violation of law, as well as pay to the state a $500 civil penalty” for misusing or miscategorizing money that was supposed to go toward her campaign for Congress (including, allegedly, a nearly $3,000 payment to a divorce attorney).

The revelation also uncovered a bizarre back-and-forth relationship between Omar and Hirsi that goes back more than a decade. She and Hirsi, who Omar also claims is known as Ahmed Abdisalan Aden, applied for a marriage license in the state of Minnesota in 2002. It wasn’t granted. The AP says the pair then went on to get married in the Muslim faith — just not by the state — and had two children together before breaking up in 2008.

After the pair split, Omar married a man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom conspiracy theorists claim is either a familial relation or a green card-seeker (which Omar and Elmi both deny). They did receive a marriage certificate from Minnesota and pursued a civil marriage, but when they divorced in 2011, they did not file paperwork with the state. Instead, Omar says, she and Elmi divorced in the Muslim faith and left it at that. Eventually, Omar filed for divorce from Elmi in 2017 — the same incident that affected her campaign finance situation.

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