Uche Nwosu, The Peoples Choice



Since his decision to leave the APC and join the Action Alliance in order to fulfil the wishes of the masses, the support for Ugwumba from all over Imo State has been overwhelming especially from the youths and women. He has since been seen in almost every local government area in the state where he has been honoured with numerous traditional titles to show their solidarity and support for him.

It should be noted that none of the other aspirants in the state can boast of such massive support as the one enjoyed by Ugwumba Uche Nwosu. This is because they only attract zonal support from their respective regions. Ugwumba has been endorsed by every group in the state, including the women, youths and craftsmen. From Owerri zone, Okigwe zone and Orlu zone, everyone who has the love of Imo at heart would easily support Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, because he has shown from his experience and manifesto that he is a man of vision, a man who is willing to work diligently for the Imo people.

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None of the other aspirants can offer what Ugwumba has to offer, as he has made it his primary objective to work and serve the People of Imo state through his mantra ‘’I HAVE COME TO WORK’’. Through his manifesto, He has promised a government that would focus on youth and women empowerment, taking free education to the next level by introducing computerization of the schools, improvement in agricultural sector. In the health sector, he has promised to increase the health centres in the state and improve on the existing quality. Local governments will be able to generate their own revenue through industrialization thus leading to job creation and reduction of unemployment. The security and welfare of the people of Imo will be improved on. Pensioners will be paid their due arrears and civil servants will experience no delay in salary payments

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Imo state is a political ‘vehicle’ and needs someone like Ugwumba Uche Nwosu with almost a decade of experience, understanding and political pedigree to drive this ‘vehicle’ to greater heights. The men, the women, the youths, craftsmen and elites, all the good people of Imo state knows this fact and that is why they have come out en masse to show that Ugwumba is their choice


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