Uba Sani: Chicks home to roost?

By Haliru Jika and Hassan Mohammed


SIR: When Senator Uba Sani became a senator in the last general election, unknown to many of his supporters, he will be the worst senator in the history of Kaduna central. In the last two years in the red chamber, Senator Uba Sani has performed poorly in representing and articulating his constituency’s aggregate demands. Instead of using his position to attract people-oriented projects, speak for the victims of banditry attacks and kidnapping in Kaduna central, Sani has remained incommunicable and deserted his constituency. The protests embarked upon by many youths from Kaduna central on Friday, last week to register their displeasure or pass vote of no confidence on him reveal the obvious facts. The protesting youths have called the senator to immediately resign his position and return home. Some of his sins are: poor performance, refusal to visit his constituency and closing his local government offices after he became the senator.

He is also being accused of not showing concern when people of Birni-gwari and Giwa are being attacked and killed by organised bandits.

More than two years in the senate, Uba Sani should have by now presented his score card containing list of projects he initiated and executed to the good people of Kaduna central. Alas, he has never done that. In other words, Uba Sani may have wasted two years doing nothing in the senate. Taking a cue from how his colleagues performed to the satisfaction of their constituents, Uba Sani is nothing but failure. He has failed to touch the lives of his constituents. There is no local government in Kaduna central that has witnessed the presence of single viable project courtesy of Uba Sani in the last two years. Those who protested and called for Uba’s head over poor performance have genuine reason for doing so.

The protesters have frowned that in the last two years, Uba Sani has failed to visit his constituency. This assertion is nothing but the truth. We are living witness of his reluctant or I don’t care attitude towards his constituents. He hardly pays visit nor interact with his people to know their problems. With the regime of terror unleashed on helpless farming communities in Giwa, Birni-gwari and Igabi, many people thought Sani would pay condolence visits and call for improved security. However, he has never done it. It seems he is being preoccupied by his gubernatorial ambition thereby relegating his legislative activities to the bargain. With his local government offices closed down, he has denied the electorate access to lay their complaints.

Senator Uba Sani should resign honourably, his seat to pursue his pipe dream gubernatorial ambition. He has outlived his usefulness in the senate through inept and poor representation.

  • Haliru Jika and Hassan Mohammed, Rigasa, Kaduna State.


Source: The Nation

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