Troy Ave Targets Casanova: “U Sold Ya Soul For Protection”

Troy Ave Targets Casanova: "U Sold Ya Soul For Protection"

Troy Ave Targets Casanova: “U Sold Ya Soul For Protection”

The longstanding beef between Troy Ave and Casanova 2x is far from over. The pair have been trading insults on wax and social media for years, often dropping scathing bars about one another while involving other artists in their ongoing animosity. However, artists often find peace as they endure similar circumstances, and considering Troy Ave is fighting a case and Casanova is currently incarcerated after turning himself in to federal authorities, it was believed that they wouldn’t be going at each other for the time being. Troy axed that theory.

Earlier today (May 17), Troy Ave uploaded the art for “Assanova” that included an animated rat wearing a “2x” chain. He then included lyrics from his track “Richer Than My Haters” pulled from his recent release, Kill or Be Killed. “Casanova crying folks he jus settin up stage to tell / How the fuk u crying broke wit jus 90 days in a cell,” Troy wrote.

“U sold ya soul for protection / They ain’t protect u to swell / Damn caswell,” he continued. “U the blood they extort on / This occurrence is CLASSIK LIKE THE BOY U TOLD ON / Dont make me retrieve da paperwork that u wrote on / Can’t get a visit from None of them rappers D*ck’s u rode on.” Casanova has repeatedly taken to social media to lament over those farewell friends who haven’t reached out or helped him while he’s been locked up.

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