Top 5 Songs That Made Omah Lay Became A Star In Nigerian Music Industry


Omah Lay is currently one of the biggest singers in the Nigerian Music Industry gaining waves currently in the country.

He is one of the talented Afro Fusion singer int eh Nigerian Music Industry right now.

The 23-year-old singer Omah Lay singed on KeyQaad , Distributed by Dvpper became a national icon in the Nigerian Music Industry in 2020. But how did it all happened in one year of his introduction to the music industry?

Now, we are goin gto ellaborate on the 5 songes that made Omah Lay became a star in teh Nigerian Music Industry.

1. Godly

Omah Lay released Godly in the later months of 2020 and it went straight to a ntional and global hit.

Godly became so big that over shadows all the other songs on his β€œWhat Have We Done” EP.

Godly was so big that gained Tik Tok reaction by Tik Tok users across Africa.

2. Lo Lo

Lo Lo was also one of the biggest songs that unveils Omah Lay to beyond the borders of Nigeria and pushed him to the global market.

Lo Lo was one of the songs on his EP β€œGet Layd” also released in 2020.

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3. Dad Influence

Bad Influence was out of Get Layd EP.

Omah Lay had this song waved his name in larger part of Nigeria and surrounding neighbor countries.

Bad Influence reached 1.6M YouTube streams and still counting.

4. Confession

The R&B/Soul song Confession

Conf became a national hit and one of his most played songs in Nigeria. Confession has earned a good online streams on all musical platforms online.

5. My Bebe

My Bebe was from What Have We Done EP in 2020. It also enjoyed a national r media play on both radio and TV which helped to promote Omah Lay to a degree of national recognition.

My Bebe has so far gotten 503K and more YouTube streams and still counting.





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