Top 10 Worst Movies of 2020 》

2020 was a strange time for the film industry, with movie theatres being closed down for the majority of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This tumultuous time may have been the reason for Hollywood producing some pretty awful films this year. Choosing between the few most awful movies of the year is no small feat, as there were quite a few duds to hit the big screen. And although these movies didn’t technically bomb at the box office seeing as though they were closed, there were still several films that just missed the mark — regardless of the genre. Ready to take a trip down this past year’s terrible movie memory lane? Here are the top 10 worst movies of 2020.


A reboot of the 1967 film entitled “Doctor Dolittle,” Dolittle was basically a flop from the start. After testing poorly during initial screenings, this film had an additional three weeks of shooting. Despite the patch job, Dolittle still performed terribly at the box office. It was also harshly criticized for several reasons. Critics deemed the film stale and boring, with poor scripts and visuals.

Fantasy Island

A reimagination of 1977 television show Fantasy Island, this film just missed the mark to really connect with its targeted audience. Critics said that it didn’t connect with fans of the previous television show because it was too loosely based on the original. It also wasn’t frightening enough to appeal to horror genre fans either.


This action film based on the character Bloodshot by Valiant Comics was in the red as far as the box office, with a budget of $45 million, and only grossing $30 million in sales. Critics hailed this film a flop because it was in essence a close copy of other superhero action films, so it ended up being flat and boring.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Critics did not warm up to this film, I’m Thinking of Ending Things. It was deemed too much of a warped puzzle, with pieces that never quite fit and a plot that never quite got resolved.

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