Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2018 And Their Top Courses


A polytechnic is one of the best places to gain technical skills and if you’re thinking in that direction, you should enrol at any of the top ones in the country.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria based on the quality of the programmes offered by these schools.

1. Yaba College of Technology, Yaba

Yaba College of Technology is the oldest higher education institution in Nigeria.

It currently offers courses in the following areas:

▪️ Art, Design and Printing
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environmental Studies
▪️ Management and Business Studies
▪️ Sciences
▪️ Technology
▪️ Liberal Studies
▪️ Technical and Vocational Education

2. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, notable for excellence in education, offers different courses in each of the following programmes:

▪️ Applied Science and Technology
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environmental studies
▪️ Management Studies

3. Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi

Very active, the Auchi Polytechnic offers various course options in each of the following programmes:

▪️ Science Laboratory Technology
▪️ Art and Design
▪️ Applied Sciences and Technology
▪️ Engineering Technology
▪️ Environmental Studies
▪️ Architectural Technology

4. Federal Polytechnic, Nekede

Having undergone a lot of transformation since inception as College of Technology, Owerri, in 1978, the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, has become well established.

Students can pick from a number of courses under the following programmes:

▪️ Business and Management Technology
▪️ Engineering technology
▪️ Industrial and Applied Sciences
▪️ Environmental and Design Technology

5. Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna

A massive learning centre, the Kaduna Polytechnic provides opportunities for learning in the following programmes:

▪️ Administrative Studies
▪️ Social Sciences
▪️ Business and Management Studies
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environmental studies
▪️ Geodesy and Land Administration
▪️ Science and Technology

6. Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu

Located in Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, the Lagos State Polytechnic offers courses in the following areas of learning:

▪️ Agriculture
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environment Studies
▪️ Management and Business Studies
▪️ Technology

7. Federal Polytechnic, Bida

Established in 1977, the Federal Polytechnic Bida has weathered the storm and is now an institution to be reckoned with.

It offers courses in the following areas:

▪️ Applied Arts and Sciences
▪️ Business and Management
▪️ Environmental Studies
▪️ Preliminary Studies

8. The Polytechnic, Ibadan

The Polytechnic, Ibadan has served as a pivot for higher education in the western part of Nigeria since its establishment in 1970.

It has made significant contribution in the provision of middle and higher level manpower in commerce and technology.

Courses are currently provided in the following areas:

▪️ Business and Communication Studies
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environmental Studies
▪️ Financial and Management Studies
▪️ Basic Sciences

9. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta

Renamed from Ogun State Polytechnic to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic after the renowned politician, the institution is a rallying point for polytechnic education in its geographical region.

Courses are offered in the following areas:

▪️ Business and Management Studies
▪️ Communication and Information Technology
▪️ Environmental Studies
▪️ Science and Technology

10. Osun State Polytechnic, Iree

Formerly a satellite campus of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, the Osun state Polytechnic became a full-fledged institution in 1992.

Courses in the following areas of study are offered by the Osun State Polytechnic:

▪️ Information and Communication
▪️ Management Studies
▪️ Financial Studies
▪️ Basic Sciences
▪️ Engineering
▪️ Environmental Studies

The End!!!

The Polytechnics award the National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in the courses that they offer.

In addition, some of them offer diploma and certificate courses. Course duration depends on whether a course is taken on full time or part time basis.

Preliminary (or remedial) programmes are also available in the schools.



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