Too Bad!! See How Nigerian Hospital Ruined This Man’s Life With A Simple Mistake – What Would You Do?

This is sad ?
This was seen on Whatsapp and the authenticity of the story is unconfirmed but wetin else no fit happen for this country if Snake fit swallow 36million naira ??
The stupidity of a Nigerian doctor cost this man his Life savings and investments ? If na me oo, I go make sure say I end the Doctor’s career.
50/50 God no go vex ?
Read the story below:

Can you Imagine?

The man sold his house, cars, took bank loans only to discover the Cockroach was in the X-ray machine at the Nigerian hospital and not in his chest.

May God help us in the country.

Answer This Question below:-

If you are the Man and you luckily got back into the country in an excellent shape ?

What Would You Do To That Hospital?

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