Tired of boring skirt styles? Check out these pictures of BBN celebs for ideas

Tired of boring skirt styles? Check out these pictures of BBN celebs for ideasTired of boring skirt styles? Check out these pictures of BBN celebs for ideas

It’s high time ladies attest to the fact that they are tired of boring skirts. We are tired of getting the usual straight skirt because we are spectacular creatures, and we want a dramatic outfit or skirt that will speak a lot about our personality.

Due to the way skirts are termed as boring outfits, some ladies have completely switched to wearing trousers or pants. However, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you, nothing but trendy skirt ideas from BBN celebs; Natacha Akide, Erica Nlewedim, and Mercy Eke.

Either you’ll give your fashion designer to recreate the design or you’ll buy it from fashion stores, there are some factors to consider before buying or recreating these skirts.

Factors to consider.

Undoubtedly, these skirts are classy, and they add a touch of elegance to our looks but there are three important things you must evaluate for you to have that desired look.

1) Style of the dress: Some of these skirts can be worn to religious gatherings while some can’t, due to their revealing nature. Carefully look at the style of the skirt before preparing your mind to get it, and choose your skirt style according to your personality

“Is it a dress that will make me comfortable while wearing it? Is the style of the dress too complex for my fashion designer to recreate?” These are the questions to ask yourself.

2) Body Physique: If you’re petite, tall, or chubby, certain skirts will accentuate your body physique properly. A skirt that won’t look smart on you may perfectly fit another person like a second skin. It’s all about body physique.

Before planning to recreate these skirts, you should imagine how it will look on you or better still imagine yourself as a model putting on that skirt. If you don’t like the imaginative picture your brain is giving, you might need to look for another better option.

3) Design of tops or blouses: that this factor is coming last doesn’t make it less important. You may have a perfect skirt, but your dressing will be chaotic if you don’t wear the right top or blouse.

Imagine wearing a packing shirt with a long velvet slitted skirt. Looks chaotic right? Yes!While viewing the pictures attached to this article, ensure to pay attention to the blouse these celebs are putting on. If the designs of these blouses are not too complex, I’ll advise telling your fashion designer to make similar or better still, the same blouse.

Check out these pictures of these BBN celebs in skirts for ideas

A) Ideas from Erica Nlewedim: The reality Tv star is a decent dresser, so if you’re looking for a church’s skirt inspiration, below are pictures for you.

This Pleated leather skirt is the perfect skirt for religious gatherings. Don’t forget to pair it up with a decent blouse.

Velvet skirt with a slit

Down button skirt

B) Ideas from Natacha Akide: this leather skirt is the mini version of Erica’s skirt. It is perfect for hangouts or dates.

2) Skirt inspiration for boss ladies.


4) An average fashion designer should be able to recreate this skirt design. If you make yours a bit longer, you can rock it to your place of work.


C) Ideas from Mercy Eke

The “bow skirt” design is easy to sew and a wide range of fabrics can be used to achieve this style ranging from Ankara to Sequin fabrics.

2) Beach skirt idea: if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach, then this skirt is an alternative

3) Maxi-length straight skirt.



Which of these skirt styles are you planning to recreate. Don’t forget to share this article with various fashion groups on all social media platforms.

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