The Secrets Behind Wrestling Exposed

Wrestling is a professional sport which originated from normal wrestling which was founded way back in the time of Greece and ancient roman times.

Then later wrestling evolved into pro wrestling.Pro wrestling is no different from normal wrestling only difference is the wrestlers get paid and are professionals in pro wrestling.

WWE is a major and the largest wrestling promotion ever and present till date.The CEO of WWE,world wrestling entertainment is none other the Vince McMahon.Vince inherited the wrestling body from his father who passed away years ago.Since then the WWE has expanded into a largely recognised organisation and has made its way into the stock market.

Now with all being said I’ll like to tell you that wrestling has secrets and dark backgrounds that no wrestler nor the CEO will tell you. But continue reading and you’ll see them.

They’re are lots of secrets but I won’t be able to list all.

Wrestling is based on Kayfabe

Now Kayfabe is another name for fake aka scripted.This means what you see isn’t a perception of real life.The wrestlers you see wrestling aren’t really beating themselves up,they act upon scripts.Vince McMahon has confirmed this fact a number of times and also wrestlers expose it too.Even Ronda Rousey after leaving exposed it.

The outcomes and winners of the match have been predetermined which means already planned.The stories are definitely and obviously acting too.

Wrestlers bleed by blading

Blading in wrestling is when a wrestler cuts himself open with a razor blade.This means that the bloods aren’t from shots or blows.They come from razor cuts,this is done by wrestlers bringing out blades hidden somewhere in the ring and cutting themselves.

Hulk Hogan back in the WCW and WWF was caught numerous of times on camera blading, even the popular kingslayer Seth Rollins.He was caught blading when he fought Jinder Mahal on raw.Basically the bloods are real but they are not from shots.

Wrestlers use steroids

Have you ever wondered how a wrestler would compete in a long match and receive moves and yet still not be dazed or still active.The proof is they use steroids,now steroids is a hard drug or supplement that is taken by athletes to boost performances.In sports it’s illegal to take steroids and you’ll get fined for such actions.

But in wrestling,it’s a norm.Wrestlers used steroids and get away with it e.g Brock Lesnar,Bret Hart,Hulk Hogan, Ultimate warrior etc.That is also the explanation of their huge bicep sometimes.Hogan was a fan of all.The wrestlers use steroids to make themselves stronger in a fight and to ensure more pain.

The wrestlers heights are billed

When you hear the word billed,it means assigned height.Now in pro wrestling all wrestled heights are billed.But the funny thing is their heights are billed and recorder falsely.Like for instance Kane was never 7 foot,he was just 7’9-10 he always said that.You could tell cause Kane was not even close to Bigshow then and measured same height with Braun who is 6’8.Even Big show has been favoured,the Big Show is just 6’10 and was 7ft at his peak.The Rock was never really 6’5,he was just 6’2 or less,all their heights hey bumped.

Once you’re a top guy in wrestling,you always get a fake height to make you look more dazzling.

Weapons aren’t real

The weapons and props you see aren’t real.They are made of substandard materials so that when a wrestler gets hit or crashes into them,they feel nothing or less hurt.

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