The inhabitants of this municipality change their address without moving

Imagine changing your address overnight without moving. This is what happened to several inhabitants of the town of Ingrandes, near Châtellerault in Vienne, tells us The New Republic.

Due to the 3DS law (differentiation, decentralization, deconcentration and simplification), municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants had to comply with the rule: proceed to the naming of roads and localities, which was not a obligation before. The municipality of Ingrandes therefore voted during the municipal council of January 2022 to make these changes of address for three streets and all the localities of the municipality.

Annoying address changes

While these changes of address were effective at the beginning of July, some residents had not been informed and discovered it in recent days by themselves. Some were able to receive an information letter from La Poste, chosen as a service provider by the municipality to accompany them on these changes, but some simply never received it.

In addition to bugs for GPS applications that confuse streets, these address changes bring with them many constraints. Ingrandais who have been “victims” of a change of address must now go through numerous administrative procedures in order to change their address, in particular for certain documents such as the gray card. Long and costly procedures that annoy these inhabitants. The mayor of the town defends himself from a lack of communication, arguing that the information has been relayed many times since the first public meeting in September 2020.