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The First Religious War Fought Between Christians And Muslims In Jerusalem(The Crusader-Saladin War)

The reason for the wars

Ever wonder why most Christian countries has the symbol of the Cross✝️ on their National flags which signifies that they are Christians?

And the Muslim countries having the Crescent ☪️ on their flags to signify their Faiths in Islam?

It all began during the Religious Age called the Medieval Times. During this time there were number of uncountable wars and battles waged particularly as a result of religion. Among these wars and battles is the popular Crusader- Saladin war fought between the period of 1095-1492.

The Reason for the Holy war.

Christianity started in Israel in the 1st century A.D in which Christianity flourished around the route of Jerusalem towards north to Europe, southwest Ward to Egypt and Africa and Eastward to Arab and Asia. Due to number of persecution faced by Christians in Israel as a result of the Jewish authority, most Christians moved to preach among Jews living in other areas listed above. In Europe, Christians were predominantly persecuted until the time of Emperor Augustine and Constantine who made Christianity their empire religion (both Western and Eastern Roman empire.

In the early 7th century, Islam was introduced by Mohammed which grew vastly in Arab regions, especially after the conquest of Medina and Mecca. By the 12th century A.D, Islam which was very militaristic has already unseated Christianity in Israel, North Africa, Syria and Turkey which were previously strong Christian posts and city states.


Consequently, With the conquest of Constantinople (Eastern Roman empire) capital in present day Turkey, Muslims started heading West with the ambition to conquer Vienna(Austria) which is the gate to Europe. By this time, Christian states of Greece and Malta were already siege, and Europe was suffering from separatists seeking sovereignty and Independence from Roman empire.

During this period of history, it is pertinent to know that the Roman Catholic Pope was regarded as both the Religious and Political Leader of the Holy Roman Empire (Europe).

So with the constant siege, threats and attacks of the Muslims against Christian villages towards Europe, Pope Lee who was then Roman Catholic Pope mobilized all young men of Europe who were capable of fighting to move down to the Muslim posts attack back till they get to Israel (the Holy Land).

The war in Israel was one of the most costly wars between Christians and Muslims as both side suffered great loss. However the war ended with a treaty between the Islamic Saladin and the Christian King Richard, in which the Muslims control Israel but allow Christians and Jews to coexist among them. This was also the history behind the rightful owner of Palestin.

These were the countless reasons behind the historic first holy war fought between Christians and Muslims. This war has been recorded as the prime reason why Christian and Muslims has never been able to coexist.

However, the reason for this article is practically based on the realities behind history, and not to resort to any misunderstanding among the people of this age, as the people of that period are mostly religious extremists from the both sides. Therefore it call for more coexistence of People as one human at the expense of ethnicity, religion and color.

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