‘The Bible Say Flee, Not Resist’- Reno Advice Couple Who Brings Maid To Their Homes


Reno Omokri has called out couple who brings home maids to help in house choices and other home activities.

According to him, the Bible advocates that men should flee from sexual temptations.

Meanwhile couple allow themselves to be tempted and tries to resit temtpation when actuall one is supposed to flee.

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Bringing a male or female maid into the home puts more danger to couple sexual life.

In a tweet, he said

Dear wives, Read Scripture from cover to cover. You wont find anywhere where God told men to RESIST sexual temptation. God says FLEE! He did not say RESIST. Think of this before bringing nubile young maids as helps in your matrimonial homes!

Source: Ghgossip


Source: Ghgossipp

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