Take A Look Inside The “Kirikiri” Maximum Prison That Will Make You Appreciate Freedom

Take A Look Inside The “Kirikiri” Maximum Prison That Will Make You Appreciate Freedom

Prisons are secured buildings meant as an institution for reforming people who have committed one crime or the other. Prisoners are individuals that are compelled to staying in these prison or correctional facilities for the period of time awarded by the judges during various trials.

However, the treatment prisoners receives in these prison quarters varies due to the economical impacts of each countries and their policies on treating prisoners.

In Nigeria, the states of prisons are something that do even make outlaws or criminals feel the fear of being convicted or arrested of crimes.If you have had the chance of visiting the Kirikiri prison, then you’ll know how essential it is for you to appreciate the grace of freedom which you have in moving about, eating what you like, meeting and relating with people, and even pressing a mobile phone.

The state of these prisoners are so pathetic that even the strongest of hearts will shake at the thought of being in such kinds of position.

The prisoners are mostly too comfy in their cells that they do sleep on top of themselves many times. Poorly fed, they will still have to work tirelessly most days under the hot sun or the rain.

Ironically, some of these prisoners are suffering from crimes that they know nothing of or crimes that doesn’t even warrant such kind of treatment. Some were still on trials and have yet spend years in there while others are doomed behind those walls for life.

The Kirikiri maximum prison is an eminent reminder for us that have the freedom of moving about that, we should always pray so that we won’t find ourselves in such kind of predicament at any point of our lives and living.

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