SUNDAY TALK:- Silently Or Loudly, How Do You Like To Pray As A Christian?


Prayer they say is the master key but different Christians have their own different ways of going about it.

During prayer time in Church, some people feel the need to shout and reach heaven so that will God will hear.

In some Yoruba Churches, Pastor be like:

O pariwo Oruko Jesu leemeta
O logun Emi mimo toooo

Meaning you’d shout “In Jesus Name” 3 times then shout Holy Spirit ones before saying your prayers.

While some people don’t like to pray out loud, they prefer to talk to God in their lowest possible voice no matter the noise from the congregation or shout command from the pastor.

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In the real sense, God answers prayers whether you decide to loud it or not.

The question of the day is

Silently or Loudly, How Do You Like To Pray As A Christian?
Those of us that pray silently and some of us that like like to loud it, let’s know ourselves

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