SUNDAY PRAYERS: Declare These Prayers For The Favour Of God Before Sunrise (30/08/2020)


1) My glory, arise and shine above the imagination of the enemy, in Jesus’ name.

2) I command every spiritual red sea harassing my progress to divide, in Jesus’ name.

3) Holy Spirit, increase my speed and my efforts, in Jesus’ name.

4) Every power hiding the key of my breakthrough dies, in Jesus’ name.

5) Every power that must die for my breakthrough to manifest, die, in Jesus’ name.

6) Power of delayed blessings in my life, die, in Jesus’ name.

7) Voices from my foundation, attacking my star, die, in Jesus’ name.

8) Joy swallowers of my father’s house, die, in Jesus’ name.

9) Foundational marine powers affecting my life, be wasted, in Jesus’ name.

10) Every voice grumbling against my breakthroughs, be silenced, in Jesus’ name.

11) Every veil of darkness, covering my beauty and glory, tear to pieces, in Jesus’ name.

12) O God, arise and package testimonies for me, in Jesus’ name.

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