Story: Temporary Pleasures (Part 1)

Temporary Pleasures (Part 1).

I never knew there was a different world entirely aside the four walls of the university.

From my first level down to the fifth one, i chased grades. It was all about getting a good G. P. A. And Nothing else mattered.
Don’t get me wrong, my result isn’t a poor one. I graduated with a very high second class degree in petroleum engineering from the university of Benin.

I’m from the Eastern part of the country where as a first son, there are a lot of responsibilities hanging on your shoulders.
My parents did their best to ensure I graduate school and now, they expect me to carter for their needs. In all honesty, getting work in this country is a kind of work on its own, Especially in Delta state. I decided to reside here in Delta state, after my youth service two years ago instead of going back home.

Returning from today’s job hunt, I walked past my neighbor’s shop and If not that my mind was so preoccupied , I wouldn’t have taken this route.
‘ _Onyibo welcome o, my pikin husband_ … ‘Mama ochuko my neighbor greeted smiling.
I quickly had to greet her because, if there’s one thing I’ve come to understand about this Warri women, Is that, they await your greeting like how the inhabitants of Ekosodin in the university of Benin, in Benin city awaits their usual three hours light.
*Migwo ma* _… I greeted.
I know better than to greet her ‘good afternoon’ they see it as an insult.
And just as expected, she responded quickly like her life depended on it.
Vrendo, my pikin husband. How body nah?…
I’m fine ma… I replied, trying to get away quickly before she holds me down with unnecessary talks, but I wasn’t fast enough as she stopped me.
Fine oyinbo, Abeg wait make u take beta cold wata tay cool your mind…
She went in and brought a satchel water for me.
Thanks ma… I said and turned to leave. But she has other plans.
Abeg never vex for me o, jus help me tell your wife Ejiro may she come meet me for shop say I wan go osusu meeting…
Okay ma… I said and hurried out of there before she remembers something else. The only thing I understood from what she said, is that, I should ask her daughter to come to the shop and that’s the exact thing I’m going to deliver.

To be continued…!

Written by: Jennifer Okpowe.
Fb @ Jennifer Okpowe.
WhatsApp : Jennifer Okpowe

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