Obansa John – THE VICTIM



The world’s longest court case
And I was made a monster who deserved to be jailed
It was easier to pronounce my sentence
I mean who cared? I was already dead

You made it look like I had a choice
When your absence echoed in this void
All I wanted was someone who would listen
A little attention was all I needed to keep living

But you stood on your high horse
A mighty judge slamming your mallet down making assumptions
Saying how I should have chosen life and all
When you made death look sweeter than the life you offered

You talk about all the pain that I ignited
By choosing the rope over your so-called hope
But you fail to see all the pain I endured
The failure, the hurt and all that I had lost

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And so I slowly drifted into this darkness
Screaming your name hoping you’d be my anchor, my savior
Then you looked at me and said the Lord is my helper
But you were the Lord’s chosen, so why didn’t you help out

Now I’ve fallen asleep, rigor mortis my company
Ants and flies awaiting to take turns in this dining
As my flesh loses its grip on my bones
As I slowly drifted into the great beyond

And then you accuse me of being selfish
Thinking only of myself rather than my family
And friends, and all those who loved me
Saying I should’ve spoken out or at least done something

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But where were you and your love when I was drowning?
When the world turned their backs against me
Well I’m sorry for being so selfish
But you left me alone to handle the pain and that is what I did.

By Obansa John.



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