In Love With My Pastor – Season 1 Episode 3


Papa was already waiting for me in the church, my bags were taken to his car then we went into the church and prayed for some minutes before we took off. In the car that was when I knew papa is a very funny man, he was the one driving when he sees I’m sleeping he will just tap me and asked why a young lady like me is sleeping for just a 2hours trip. God even his voice drives me crazy. What should I tell him? That I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so happy I was traveling with him? Hell no I couldn’t say anything I just “smiled” for him.

Around 4:15 we got to our destination we were welcome by some people, after that prayer before they showed us to our apartment.

It was a two bed room flat. Very beautiful and we’ll decorated “looks like some one stays here before” I asked no one in particular but one woman answered me anyways “yes my dear, it’s the church’s guest house.

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But only our vip guest ”
30 minutes later, they had all gone leaving me and papa in the house. I was so tired to cook I just went inside straight to have my bath. I guess papa went to do the same too because when I wanted to go to the bath room he was no longer in the sitting room. In papa’s room there bathroom in it but my own room the bathroom is outside closer to my own room, so whenever I want to have a bath I must leave my room, before I enter my bathroom. I kinda like it sha. After my bath I took a very long nap, around 8:30 pm there was a knock on our door, I went to check and it was that same woman that responded to me that same afternoon.

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SAM: Good evening ma
MA: Evening my dear, how are you
SAM: Fine ma, thank you
MA: I’m Joyce, but people like to called me by my first son’s name so you can call me mama desmond.

SAM: Ok ma,
JOYCE: I was assign to be bring food for you people, till you leave.

SAM: Oh really? Thank you ma, papa is in his room, should I call him for you?

JOYCE: No my dear, I will just drop the food on the dining and leave..

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