Champions League Current Results


The Champions League gained momentum, and the teams have already played several matches. It’s time to look at the standings, where there have been notable changes. Many teams have already started to calculate how they should play against their rivals in order to secure they get to the next round.

One of the most confusing and difficult groups in the current season is the quartet C. It includes:

  • PSG;
  • Napoli;
  • Liverpool;
  • Crvena Zvezda.

In this quartet, the UEFA Champions League results caused a lot of surprises. For example, in the first round Napoli failed to beat the Crvena Zvezda, which many experts considered to be a definite outsider.

It seemed that this loss of points would cost Neapolitans too much. However, in the next round they managed to achieve an important victory over Liverpool.

Thanks to this, the Neapolitans regained their chances of getting into the playoffs and after two rounds settled down at the top position of the standings. Now they are waiting for extremely difficult matches against PSG.

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In the first round, the squad of Thomas Tuchel experienced an away loss against Liverpool in one of the most spectacular games of this season. However, in the second match they had absolutely no problems with the Crvena Zvezda, defeating the Serbs at home with a score of 6:1 with Neymar’s hat-trick.

Group C Current Situation

As a result, the Parisians now have 3 points, too. It is their matches against Napoli that will influence largely on who will manage to get to the playoff. However, Liverpool still has to earn its 6 points in matches against the Crvena Zvezda. The Serbs have shown that at the home stadium they are definitely serious opponents, although they do not have such a cool lineup as any of their rivals.

At the group stage, the price of each mistake is very high, and that is well understood by all players. In case of equality of points, additional statistical indicators will be considered. You can find out all about the live soccer today at this site. Here, attention is paid not only to the Champions League matches, but also to many other national championships from all around the world.

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Such a confusing situation has developed not only in this quartet, but in others, too. That is why every year the fans are so fond of and are waiting for the Champions League.

Even in spite of the fact that now Napoli is at the top of the tournament standings, an unfortunate calendar might backfire Ancelotti’s team. They definitely need to score points during the matches with PSG in order to qualify for the next stage of the competition. However, other teams are in a completely similar situation.


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