Six Reading Habits a Student Must Develop in a Nigerian University/FUAM (EVERYONE DO NUMBER 6) Please Stop Is Affecting Your Gp

BY : Obochi Josh Oche

Six reading habits you need to develop in fuam/other campuses

University the “Universal” “City” of the world, to some is a place to be free, to do what you want in life, to truly live out your youthfulness but to some is a place to truly study and know, to acquire the currency “certificate”; to that am writing this post, to be able to acquire the “antidote” to be able to read and continue:

1: Loud Music:

Some so called “disc jockies(dj)” who will never allow you to read in peace, they will always come with mini speakers and do their work there. Some always come to watch movies (even explicit videos) in our halls. One should always try to “learn to learn” with all this music/movie students especially those that read at science lecture theatre.

2: Noisy Environment:

This one is a must you always get into one noisy environs or the other in our reading venues especially those made by snack/ sachet water sellers and the ones i call “intelligent noise”(those made by our federal “local” students) who will always be talking or chatting like bees. Try and avoid been one yourself.

3: Low Lights:

This happens once in a while where a federal student will be forced to live a local life. In school just like PHCN (power has changed hands) you just don’t NEPA( Never Expect Power Always), so when you are on this campus always come with some “torchlights” or “reading lamps”

4: Misquotes and Other Insects:

This are our co-students, they are always around, season to season to always prey on you, they always love to see you around because all there see is “FOOD”; so in order to stay ok in school one should try and learn the dress codes for night reading(those that read at convocation square) and how to avoid some bites

5: Extreme Cold or Heat:

Makurdi has never in history had a very comfortable season, there only have extreme cold or extreme heat(everything is 10*10% high), so care be taken in order to avoid sun burns and other related burns because everything actually burns.

6: Opposite Sex:

This is one of the hardest situations to always get used to in the universal city of the world, reading with the opposite sex, scientifically proven to be the best way to assimilate easily but most people always see it as an avenue to always woo the other partner into other conversations especially to their favour. Here you will have to advice yourself because I can’t do that for you now!



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