She Is Abusing The Uniform, See What This Lady Did To NYSC Uniform That Got People Talking

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Social media on fire as the picture of a lady wearing NYSC uniform surfaced online. The post has gotten a lot of reactions o Facebook and everyone is giving their opinion about the post.

The post above was made by a Facebook user called ‘ Atasie Wisdom ‘ in a Facebook page with the caption ‘NYSC promises to deal with any corp member who abuses the NYSC uniform right or wrong?. This post has gotten a lot of reactions.

See more photos of the lady

Judging from the post above this is a lady who change the NYSC uniform to another fashion entirely. But the question here is,Is the lady really abusing the uniform or is just for fun or fashion.

See people’s reactions

What do you think about the post?

Was she right for doing the uniform like that, or is just fashion?

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