Seven Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

Staying productive at work is one of the most difficult tasks for many employees. Nowadays, your efficiency and productivity matters far more than anything, a slight carelessness in this element and you can land in somber trouble. Here are seven ways to boost your daily productivity at work.


It all starts with the listing. If you haven’t created a list, then create one. If you have created a rough list at night, then the first thing you need to do before to get on your desk is to sharpen that list and add anything that is left behind.

Worst First Or Urgent First

We all have experienced this one, there is always a task hanging on our head that just doesn’t seem to end even and it also looks that it won’t be taken care of. Step up and put it on the plate, knock this one out of your way, make it a priority to complete it that day whether it takes you a whole day to finish it.

To Do Or Just Do It

You must be having a pencil stand on your work desk, well if you don’t, then buy one and if you do then make one for yourself. Use a highlighter to cross out the items from your list that you have already completed.

Make Work Fun For Yourself

Enjoy your work, life is short. Rewards yourself with small breaks, or listen to some music while working or you can even go for a coffee break or grab a snack.

Peak Times

Identify the time when you are most productive, trust me there are times in a day when we are most productive and least productive. When this time rolls in, close your cubicle or office so nobody disturbs you and you can do your work.

Pareto (90/10)

Use this to your advantage. Find clients, items or projects which are more important and requires little time. You can dedicate more time to such items.


While you are finishing your tasks, short emails and phone calls can be really distracting. So all you have to do is cluster your email sessions to 3-4 batches in a day. This will help you in keeping your track and won’t disturb your pareto work time.As you proceed towards the end of the day, analyze your day and identify your peak times and most time wasting tasks and find a way from repeating the tasks the next day.

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