Selena Gomez Hints At Retirement From Music.

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Selena Gomez Hints At Retirement From Music.

The singer feels as if the music she’s currently creating is being taken seriously.
The pop princess is loved far and wide by her many fans and at just 28-years-old, she still has a few years of singing left in her. Yet, Selena Gomez’s fans dashed to social media after she shared that she was thinking of taking a step back from her career because she’s grown disheartened with some things she’s experienced. She has billions of streaming numbers under her belt and enough awards to fill several rooms, but Gomez told Vogue during her cover feature interview that it’s going to be time for her to bow out gracefully.

“It’s hard to stay doing music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously,” the singer said before sharing why she believes that’s true albeit she’s hailed together of the foremost famous pop singers within the world. “I’ve had moments where I’ve been like, ‘What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this?'”Selena Gomez: Why I've Considered Walking Away From Making Music

“‘Lose You to like Me’ I felt was the simplest song I’ve ever released, and for a few people it still wasn’t enough,” she added. “I think there are tons of individuals who enjoy my music, and for that I’m so thankful, for that I keep going, but i feel subsequent time I do an album it’ll vary . i would like to offer it one last try before I maybe retire music.”

There are many artists who have left their careers behind early, but we will only imagine Gomez making a swift return if she exited timely . inspect a couple of highlights from her cover feature below.


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