School Resumption: All University, Secondary, Primary, And Nursery Students Should Take Note Of This

Students, teachers, and parents were super excited upon hearing the news that schools will be reopened for students in exit classes. Covid 19 is the major cause of the shut down of schools nationwide and internationally. Not all, some sectors of world economy has been shut down due to the ravaging pandemic. In spite of all this, the federal government has made an announcement concerning school Resumption.

Moreover, during the announcement, only students in exit classes are to resume to school, this comprise of Sss 3 students, Jss 3 students,and Primary 6 pupils.

All students in the mentioned list above can now resume to school ahead of their examination. Sss 3 students was made to resume since August 4, while Jss 3 students and Primary 6 pupils.

Due to these listed facts, all University, secondary, primary, and nursery students should take note of this points:

1. All University students should take note that the date for their resumption has not yet being known therefore, all University students should stay back from school till further notice by federal government.

2. All secondary school students who want to write their SSCE should take note that the commencement date for their examination is on the 17th of August 2020, as announced by federal government.

3. All students in Jss 3 that want to participate in the BECE should take note that their examination starts from the 18th to 19th of August 2020 as announced by federal government.

4. All primary school students should note that their Common entrance exam commencement has not yet been announced by federal government.

Would you like for universities to be reopened as soon as possible? What is your own consideration about this. Would you like for all students to resume alongside with students in exit classes?

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