Saweetie Becomes A Pimp On Instagram After Quavo Split

Saweetie Becomes A Pimp On Instagram After Quavo Split.

Saweetie is seemingly doing well post-Quavo, performing on her upcoming album release and teasing a number of her latest new music, including a record with Drakeo The Ruler. She’s prematurely declared that she’ll be taking up “Pretty B*tch Summer” and, with all of the moves she’s setting herself up for, that much might be true.

As she spends her first month as one lady during a while, Saweetie appears to be embracing her new relationship status, making a minor shift on her social media accounts to reflect her current mindset. As many of us have noticed, overnight, the Bay Area rapper changed her profile picture on Instagram to at least one of Katt Williams as “Money Mike”, a stereotypical pimp from Friday.

The switch-up was noticed by popular blogs just like the Shade Room and DJ Akademiks. While it doesn’t signal much in terms of what Saweetie has been up to, it does show that her mindset might be mirroring that of cash Mike. Perhaps she’s making the foremost of her single status, partying it up and enjoying life as Katt Williams’ character would do.

Days before her breakup with Quavo, Saweetie was a guest on Respectfully Justin where she spoke about sex, specifically revealing whether she would have a threesome together with her partner. Many believe that her answer to the question could have sparked the split between her and Quavo. The hosts of the show have denied that.


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