Russ Hits Studio With Timbaland & Scott Storch


Russ Hits Studio With Timbaland & Scott Storch

Russ reveals that he has been cooking up with Timbaland and Scott Storch, sharing a few pics from the stacked studio session.
Russ has proven himself to be a student of hip-hop history, consistently stepping up to give flowers to the legends who have moved the culture forward. After paying homage to some of the game’s great lyricists on his CHOMP EP, Russ has since hit the studio with two of his personal favorite producers, Scott Storch and Timbaland, whom he united under one roof in a recent session.

It’s not entirely new territory for the versatile emcee. Russ has worked with Storch on a variety of different occasions, having previously declared the producer to be “top 5” without a doubt, earning several gold and platinum plaques alongside the veteran beatmaker. He’s also connected with Timbaland in the studio before, though the fruits of their creative labor have yet to arrive. Now, he’s managed to bring both production OGs together, and fans are excited to see what style of music emerges as a result.


“What y’all think this sounds like,” captions Russ, sharing a few photos from the studio session — including one that features two distinctive mixing channels for both Scott and Timbo. “See y’all on the otherside.”

On that note, look for Russ to keep working on his next body of work, which will presumably feature his new concoctions with Scott Storch and Timbaland. At this time, it’s not clear if the pair blessed him with a single or multiple beats, though the results should be exciting either way. Look for additional updates on Russ’ next endeavor as it surfaces. Are you excited to hear what he, Storch, and Timbo have been working on?

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