Remember The Lady Born Without Hands, Meet Her Husband To Be

These women despite their conditions, they still try their best to live happy and normal lives. They do not let their condition affect them, they still work, feed and fall in love.

Jlissa Austin is a 30 years old woman that was born with no arms or knees, sheis 3 foot 4 inches. Jlissa has Tetra-Amelia syndrome, This syndrome is a rare disorder that causes the absence of all four limbs, which includes the hands and legs. It can sometimes be fatal because, the lungs are not well developed, and can cause difficulty in breathing.

Jlissa fell inlove with her best friend of 13 years, Johnathan Shorter who is actually 5ft 6inches tall, and is complete as a man. Despite her condition, he loves her so much and takes care of her without complaining they would be getting married soon. See their lovely pictures below;

I am just so happy for her, despite her condition God is still making her happy. Thanks for viewing, please share, comment and follow me for more.

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