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Raz B Publicly Demands Chris Stokes Takes A Polygraph Test

Fans claim Chris Stokes responded to DMs denying Raz B’s claims after the B2K member publicly called out Stokes to take a lie detector test.

B2K was certainly ahead of its time. Their music and accompanying visuals hold a special place in the hearts of millennials across America. Unfortunately, at the time of their major comeback, Raz B dropped bombshell allegations on Chris Stokes, the founder of The Ultimate Group that later signed B2K. Raz B claimed that he suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of Stokes, recently elaborating on these allegations on an upcoming episode Jason Lee’s show.

Unfortunately, it was revealed that Lee received a cease-and-desist letter to stop the interview from airing online. Lee, a victim of sexual abuse himself, was irritated and vowed to exhaust every possibility to getting this important conversation to air. Meanwhile, the B2K member aired out his own frustrations. “Check this sh*t out, I’m tired of f*ckin’ being bullied,” he said. “You ain’t gotta send nobody to see me, but what we will do, is when I see you, I’m smackin’ the sh*t out yo ass.”

Raz B has been trying to get his story heard for years. He’s previously touched on the molestation allegations against Stokes, though the interview on Fox SOUL with Jason Lee was seemingly more in-depth than any interview he’s done in the past. Raz later took to Instagram where he vowed to take a lie detector test in order to stop the gas lighting.

“So I been getting a bunch of calls from my loved ones. People that support me. And they’re like, ‘Take this down. Deal with this privately.’ But I say — Yo, they’ve ruined me publicly,” he said. “Got people thinking that I’m gay — and I’m not because I was molested by a pedophile… Since y’all trying to shut me down publicly by sending out cease-and-desist letters, lets get in the room with the lawyers and let’s take a polygraph test. I’m gonna take the test and when I take the test, you can take whatever it is that you need to do. When you take it, and when you fail, you take this fade and you take that bid ’cause I’m tired of being bullied and I’m not going to be bullied no more.”

Shortly after the video went live, fans shared alleged DMs from Chris Stokes after calling him out over the allegations. Apparently, Stokes responded to these fans, claiming his innocence while alleging Raz B’s older brother is actually the one who abused the B2K member. 

“It is not True! Stop with this. His brother Ricardo Thornton raped him and is in Jail in Vegas for raping two girls look it up. They have criminal records. I have never did anything to raz b. Those are lies,” he said, allegedly copying and pasting the same message. Last night, he seemingly fired back at the overall allegations with a meme that read, “People will throw dirt on your name and get mad when flowers grow from it.”

We’ll keep you updated on the situation. 


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