Quavo Thinks He and Jack Harlow Will Beat 2 Chainz and Lil Baby.

Quavo Migos

Quavo Thinks He and Jack Harlow Will Beat 2 Chainz and Lil Baby.

While Migos put the finishing touches on their long-awaited Culture III album, Quavo is channeling his competitive spirit toward the hardwood, for a star-studded two-on-two game of hoops set for All-Star Weekend in his hometown of Atlanta.

Bleacher Report’s Open Run will pit Quavo and Jack Harlow against 2 Chainz and Lil Baby during a first-to-21 hip-hop heavyweight matchup. The half-court game are going to be livestreamed on Saturday night (Mar. 6) at 8 p.m. ET, with Taylor Rooks, Adam Lekfoe and Supreme Dreams playing hosts for the event.

“Those are four good guys on one court — that’s gonna be fire,” Quavo tells Billboard of the contest’s prospects. “We the simplest two that’s gon’ win. you recognize anyone with me goes to win. Let’s catch on . I hope they carry their A-game.”
Aside from bragging rights, the winning team will split the purse and donate some to HBCUs of their choice. Quavo already features a pair of universities in mind to pass the cash thereto he was watching personally, back when he was lighting up the Gwinnett County highschool basketball circuit.

Prior to hitting the court alongside Harlow, Billboard trapped with the 28-year-old hip-hop star to speak about the anticipated Migos comeback, what made his relationship with the late Pop Smoke special, and interacting with Robert De Niro on the set of their upcoming movie, Wash Me within the River.

How was it locking in again with Offset and Takeoff at the compound you rented call at California to record?

It was fun, and that we had an excellent time. i can not wait. I wish I could tell you more about it. it is time to wake the planet up.

Do you desire fans are sleeping on the Migos right now?

Not really — fans got a brief span . we’ve not put out music in two years. We were rolling on the tour, then this pandemic hit and it had been like, the fans are hungry. If you ain’t putting nothing out, the sunshine still shines.

Is it still tough to duplicate that drive you guys had in 2013, before all the mainstream attention? Your lives are so different now with everyone shining and doing their own things.

That’s what y’all see. It’s fun to inform y’all what we been up to within the music. We always on them times mentally. We always on them time once we faraway from one another and together back on the North. I just desire it’s getting to all be within the music.

We’re speaking on the one-year anniversary of Pop Smoke’s death; you were one among his early co-signs and were close with him. are you able to reflect on one among your favorite moments with him and what you thought made him special?

Pop Smoke was a true dude. I just desire he was always able to soak it up. He was a sponge absorbing info. He wasn’t afraid to undertake new things and do the items he watched on TV. it had been an equivalent concept I found out . Growing up and watching films and superhero movies and being on the basketball and eleven , it quite teaches you lessons, without having a pops around.

I desire that is the quite path he took. once we sat within the studio, he would ask questions and see how the studio work or how I engineered myself and used transitions. When Mustard came through and did the “West Coast S–t,” it had been out of his field, but he was so able to take that challenge on and he killed it. He was a bit like a sponge able to grow. That’s what made me want to place him up under my wing, and show him everything i do know and that we can join . The chemistry was crazy, too.

Would you are feeling comfortable releasing a number of the collabs you and Pop have within the stash together?

Of course. The people got to hear it and see what we were performing on . We had plans to drop it, so why not? We still got good music within the disk drive .

You scored a task within the upcoming movie Wash Me within the River, alongside Robert De Niro . ask me about your character Coyote, who’s a ruthless drug baron .

I’m a ruthless gangster, ruthless killer named Coyote. It’s just an honor to get on the screen with Robert De Niro , Jack Huston and John Malkovich. I’m just blessed and that i can’t await y’all to ascertain it. it is a very action-packed movie. I celebrated doing it. I stayed in Puerto Rico shooting for an entire month grinding. There was some long film days. Them film days are different. It’s like you’re shooting a video all day.

What was it like interacting with De Niro? That’s a legend within the game right there. Did you go up to him and dap him up?

I said what’s up to him. I told him I said a line in one among my new songs about the trip I just took, and he was a bit like , “For real. M-I-G-O-S, right?” i used to be like, “Yeah, he’s finna head home and appearance me up.” it had been too hard. i could not wait to inform my Mom dukes that I’m gonna get on the screen and kicked it with him. He’s a pleasant dude.


Make sure to tune into the B/R app or Bleacher Report’s Twitter to catch all the Open Run action streaming at 8 p.m. ET on March 6.

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