Prince Charles ‘keeps strong bond with Harry,’ despite growing attacks on Meghan, his son

Prince Charles ‘keeps strong bond with Harry,’ despite growing attacks on Meghan, his sonPrince Charles ‘keeps strong bond with Harry,’ despite growing attacks on Meghan, his son.

Despite the bombshell new book that unsparingly chronicles Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s grand departure from the nucleus of the British royal family, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales is reportedly looking past the book’s stinging revelations about himself and the Windsors as a whole and has maintained steady contact with his second-born son, the Daily Mail reports.

And according to The Sun, this evidence of Charles’ evergreen devotion to Harry, tell-all book be damned, is a promising indication that if Harry so chooses one day, he could return to full-time royal life, even if he remains married to Meghan.

Royal watchers have predicted that the eagerly anticipated book, “Finding Freedom,” which has been serialized in the Times of London and comes out this month, could forever preclude such a prodigal-son effect.

But even if Prince Charles has indeed been hurt by some of the book’s revelations about internecine conflicts between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the family, he has kept in contact with the Duke of Sussex, as Harry is also known, perhaps partly in hopes that he will one day return to the royal roost.

“The book has never been a massive talking point between them and Charles is determined that it is not an obstacle,” the insider continued.

Amidst a storm of controversy over the funding that Harry and Meghan receive, whether for their high-priced security needs or to back their by-the-royal-book lavish lifestyle in their Los Angeles diaspora, Charles had continued to open his wallet to the couple, according to the insider.

When they announced that they were departing senior royal life in January, Harry and Meghan declared they intended to achieve financial independence. However, the COVID-19 epidemic really threw the book at those plans, all but evaporating opportunities for the lucrative speaking gigs that could potentially have brought in millions of dollars to log in their accounting books.

The Sun draws a parallel between Charles and Harry’s marriages, pointing out that the two men have each had to face off against the pressures of the Crown to defend their desire to commit to the woman they love. This refers to Charles’ marriage to his current wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, not to Diana, whom he divorced. Camilla had long been his mistress and true love.

Sharing these similar experiences, not to mention the trauma of the death of Princess Diana in 1997, has apparently strengthened the bond between Harry and Charles.

But the new book does portrays a frosty and increasingly pained relationship between Harry and his elder brother, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and heir to the throne. Tensions calcified after Meghan came into the fold and reportedly offended Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with the sharp-tempered tantrums she threw at palace staff. Charles, and the Crown as a whole, are also subject to criticism.

All these revelations in the book could have led to a total and irrevocable rupture between Harry and Meghan on one side and the rest of the Windsors on the other. But recent reports indicate that at least where the relationship between Harry and Charles is concerned, they remain copacetic.

Meanwhile, the British press continues to heap scorn on Harry and Meghan (and American divorcee Meghan in particular), with Caroline Malone excoriating the Sussexes in the Express, characterizing the couple as beset by greed.

“They’ve trademarked their royal ­backsides so they will be able to flog T-shirts, hats, even pajamas,” Malone sneers.

“They’ve also set up a ­website that PR experts predict could net 1 billion pounds in 10 years. But worse than all this is their insensitivity and disrespect for the Queen, the monarchy and the British people whose love and loyalty they have abused in order to set up an empire Del Boy would be proud of.”

While Malone throws the book at Harry and Meghan over their apparently scornful behavior toward Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and the rest of their royal brethren, the Daily Star reports that when she still lived in London, Meghan Markle once dissolved into a crying fit after a royal aide issued her a sharp warning when she wore a personalized necklace during a royal engagement.

This claim also comes from the new book, “Finding Freedom.” Royal Commentator Rachel Bowie, who is an expert on all things Charles and Harry, weighed in about the juicy tidbit concerning Meghan’s massive meltdown.

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