Practise These 106 English Questions Before Going For JAMB Examinations 2020.

1.The Nigerian civil war started in the year *1967*_ and ended __*1970*____

2. UDHR was established in what year

3. Lyttleton constitution was put into place in the year *1954*

4. UDHR was established in what year

5. In what year was Lagos ceded to the British by king dosumu *1861*

6. __*Dicey*___ is the father of rule of law

7. Rule of law became popular in ____ century

8. _____ Named Nigeria

9. A masquerader is______

10 Second civil war is____

11. ____percentage of people

had HIV in 2003

12. The word Niger means ……… (A) Black (B)ethnic (c)coloured, D. Race

13. Who is a producer of ……..

14. Jihad is an Arabic word which is ……..

15. The name of d preacher who first preach Islam to Nigeria was……..

16. The principle of the rule of law and concept of Justice are ________, a. Related b. Unrelated c.unparallel d.far apart

17. Jihad means

18. Please, who is the leader of Boko Haram ?? *Mohammed yusuf*

19 .Rule of law was brought to limelight at what century? *17th century*

20. Rule of law became popular at what century? *19th century*

21. How many people got HIV in Nigeria yearly

a. 4000 and Above

b. 6000 and above

c. 7000 and above

d. 5000 and above

22. *flora Shaw* named Nigeria


23. The maitatsine riot in kano was headed by ____

24. ……… Is the leader of Maitasine uprising

25. In ebira what is ovoneche o

26. Age …… and…….. uses inhaler

A. 11-15

B. 11- 14

C. 11- 13

D. 11- 16

27. An estimate of …….. percentage has HIV

A. 1.1

B 1.3

C. 1.9

D. 1.8

28. A producer is……….?

29. What is production ……?

30. Igunnu collects money through ????…… *Atokun*

31. What year did the Nigerian Civil War take place?

32. What led to the outbreak of first war

33. Globalization lack one of these





34.Those that take marijuana commonly get high,because there’s left over in there …………

A Head

B Body

C Blood

*D System*

35. The scholar that make rule of law popular was from



36. Which of the following depressed the internal system

A. Depressant

B. Inhalant

C. Marijuana

D. Alcohol

37. To sustain the financial aspect of the egungun ceremony requires

*A) honest and hard working personality*

B) a hard core business man

C) a juju priest

D) all of the above

38. ……… Society is a group of people with common territory, interaction and culture

*Ans:- monolithic*

39. …….. Is used in the court of law for swearing except

A) Bible

B) Qu’ran

C) iron

*D) English dictionary*

40. Human rights are defined in both ………..&……….

A) company and commercial

B) domestic and global

C) military and Force

D) Private and personal

41. Globalisation is primarily about

A) international interaction

B) international trade

C) world history

*D) world unity*

42. Why are many knowledgeable Africans scared of globalisation

A) it’s about strangers

B) they are afraid of Western antecedent

C) they hate traveling

D) they are guilty of homophobia

43. In defining Justice certain element must be present

A) fairness

B) Justice

C) good

D) equality fairness and Justice


44. According to Hon. Justice kayode eso. Justice is a……

A) one way traffic

B) two way traffic

C) three way traffic

D) four way traffic

45. All the following can cause conflict except

A) land

B) resources

C) religion

*D) weather*

46. difference between festival and theater

47. How many people started UNO

a) 61

*b) 51*

c) 31

d) 41

48. UNO was formed in the year_____

49. How many people got infected by hiv in 2003…………??


Those that take marijuana does it through

A) drinking

*B) smoking*

51. Why are many knowledgeable Africans scared of globalisation

A) it’s about strangers

B) they are afraid of Western antecedent

C) they hate traveling

D) they are guilty of homophobia

52. Unmanaged conflict lead to

A. War

B. Violence

53. Nigeria was awarded as the third in the world, why??

A .Religious



54. In Globalisation, that is important ooo

A. Ethnics

B. Communications



55. HIV hits which of the following the most

A. South Africa

*B. Sub Sahara Africa*

C Sahara

D. West Africa

56. Political and civil right is right to what??

A. Life

B. Education..


57. A country was not enforce unless they ..

A. In cohesive and unity

B. Strong state..

C. Absolute nation

D .can’t remebwr

58. ———— is not one of parastatal of the UNO can’t remember the options but I know the answer is

59. How many members nation found the UNO in 1945

60.-By 22march 2005 the members nation of UNO rise to ———-

61. The five ancient concepts essential to the understanding of Yoruba aesthetics are ———

62. The rise of the Hausa kingdoms started with ______

63. The unmanageable conflict that recently resulted to coup in West Africa took place in —–

*(A) Mali*


(C) Ghana

(D) Senegal

64. Violence is ——-is it global or national?

65. Tracing of blank sheet of paper is knonw as

*Nothing FOR nothing*

66. What triggered civil war in Nigeria?

67. D population of people with HIV as at 2003 is __ million





68. The holy Book revel to Muslim is




69. The three major religion in Africa is

70. At 21 century a vast majority of young people are ___ of HIV infections and diseases




71. The word religion is derived from d (forgotten whether Latin or Greek) ‘Relegre’ (something like dat ) which means ?





72. Every day__ amount of people get hiv

A. 5000

B. 4000

C. 6000

D. 7000


73. Only God fearing leaders with ____ will can fight bribery and corruption




____ ?


74. What is a nation?

A. A group of state join together.

B. All of the above.

C. A group of people speaking the same language from the Same ethic group leaving in a particular area.

D. None of the above

75. The African religions is none of the following except

A. Afrel, Christianity, Islam

B. Judaism, Christianity, Islam

C. Islam, Judaism, Afrel

D. Afrel, Judaism, Christianity

76. Religion is ?

A. Belief

B. Values

C. Custom

D. Culture

77. The word Niger means

A ethnic

B black

C race

D religion

78 The second gen. (economic, social and cultural rights) is the right to

A. clean environment


79. Marijuana is

A. Smoked


C. Snuff


80. Human rights day is every

*A.10th Dec.*

B.19th Dec.

C.20th Dec.

81. : Fundamental human rights include all but one of the following. Right to ——-

option : life

option : free expression

option : free association

*answer : detain people without trial*

82. In what year was the United Nations Organisation formed?

*answer : 1945*

option : 1965

option : 1485

option : 1826

83 Globalisation is primarily about what?

option : International interaction

*answer : International trade*

option : Word history

option : World unity.

84. Which of these is correct? Globalisation ——-

option : is in favour of Africa

*answer : is about exploiting the Third World*

option : cannot be re-oriented

option : is an attack on religion.

85 Globalisation, as conceived currently, lacks one of these items

option : Football

option : Communications

*answer : Ethics*

option : Entertainment

86. Why are many knowledgeable Africans scared of globalization?

option : It is about strangers

option : They are afraid of Western antecedents

*answer : They hate travelling*

option : They are guilty of homophobia

87. Which of these expresses the meaning of the Ebira word, “ozovehe”?

option : Human beings are wicked

option : Nobody is good

option : Everybody is wise

*answer : The human person is life*

instruction : null

88 To which of these is globalisation linked by human rights advocates?

option : International football

option : The Olympic

*answer : The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade*

option : The university system

88. Africans would embrace globalisation, if it is not associated with what in particular?

option : Promiscuity

*answer : In-equity*

option : Bad social manners

option : Exploitation of the under-development nations.


89. Globalisation was not conceived primarily to serve one of these ends

*answer : Human solidarity*

option : Western business empires

option : Procurement of cheap goods and services from the Third World

option : Boosting the economy of the Western World.

90 Dialogue involves the following except

A. Round table discussion

B.violent demonstration

C. Communication

D. Meeting together

91 The unmanageable conflict that recently resulted to coup d’etat in West Africa took place in

A. Mali b. Togo C.Ghana d. Senegal

92. Difference between festival and theatre?

93. The word Niger denotes?

94. The formation of Kanem kingdom is credited to ————-. A.The Zaghawa b.kanuri,Teda c. The priests d. Can’t remember

95. The civil war was between what year?

96.The sword denotes what?

97 Which of the following is NOT a symptom of HIV/AIDS?

98. Justice is a —— way traffic

99 Obstacles to the attainment of Justice include all but one of the following


100.The elements of Justice are

101.The phrase rule of law was made popular by

102. ——– is recognized as the first document of human rights

103. The UN’s Universal declaration of Human Rights was adopted—-

104. The international Muslim preacher who was prevented from preaching?

105 —— globalization is divided into how many stages? a)7 b)6 c)5 d)3 e)4

106 Which country has the highest Human Rights abuse

A) Denmark


C. Norway


D. Sweden


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