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Police All Across America Are Preparing For Violence On Inauguration Day: Report

Police departments in major cities and landmarks across the country are preparing for the worst come election day.

As we’ve previously reported, D.C. police department and Capitol police alike have been working around the clock to make sure Wednesday’s (Jan. 20th) Inauguration goes smoothly following the violent attempted siege that took place on the 6th. According to TMZ, in addition to heightened patrolling of major cities across the country, sources are reporting that law enforcement will also pay close attention to other huge landmarks around the United States. 

A source told the publication that there will be a surplus of security around the Trump Tower and other locations linked to the outgoing President in addition to officers patrolling around City Hall in the days leading up to the swearing-in ceremony. The source notes that while there are no specific threats to these buildings, the NYPD and other defense agencies simply aren’t willing to take any chances. 

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In Los Angeles, a source reports that besides securing government buildings, LAPD will also pay close attention to power structures, water treatment plants, communication towers, power grids, and the L.A. Zoo. The reasoning for protecting the zoo is that police are allegedly concerned people who want to create chaos would go in and free the animals, which would do exactly that. 

Elsewhere, other cities are echoing the same sentiment of “monitoring the situation,” in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. 

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As we already know, the National Guard and D.C. police have already been working 12-hour days for 7 days each week since the insurrection at the Capitol. 



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