PLEASE HELP!! She Promised To Give Me A Birthday Fvck But She Didn ’ t Show Up


So yesterday was my birthday, well I went to my shop as usual,so many hair to barb and i thank God for money made for the day.
There is this beautiful damsel that I met when I was looking for change to give a customer 3 weeks ago,my God, she is so beautiful,she has a lovely oval shaped forehead, her nose pointed forward like the arrow of a barometer, her teeth white like cotton wool, and her lips so thick and beautiful.
Immediately, I remembered how I read a thread on Naijaloaded on how a person can determine how a gals pvssy is by looking at her lips, immediately, i reached for my scientifical mathematical calculator of sex and immediately a formula came to my mind on how I can calculate the length, breadth, width, and thickness of her lips in proportion to her pvssy and I set to work on that formula and behold I got a powerful answer of how her pvssy looked liked, the answer made my dick nudge forward a bit like a frustrated student in an exam hall would move his head forward to copy from the brilliant student in front of him.
I purposely walked to her and asked her to help me with change but she did not have but she collected the money from me and went ahead to help me ask some one who helped out to change the money,as she walked on to change the money,the spirit of lust zoomed my eyes to the way her yanshed moved up and down her waist like a young boy dancing up and down in the rain.
DAT lovely view of her yansh, shook my salvation in christ jesus And my decision to stay chaste was threatened by konji, and i heard myself asking the lord,why did he create dis kind of yansh, did he not know that no man alive will see such a yansh and not be enveloped in a tsunami of konji.
But before but before I cld get my answer from the good lord, she walked towards me to give me the change, as she walked towards me,my powerful eyes caught sight of her lovely round breast and immediately i felt like playing football instantly, as a matter of fact.
I envied her brassiere cos it was the closest thing to her breasts at that moment, i thought to myself how her brassiere would be having a swell time having those lovely breasts in its embrace,chai my mouth watered as all this thought raced through my young and active mind like cars on the third mainland bridge.
As soon as she gave me the change I begged her for her number which she gave me,and we’ve been chatting and I have been paying for her indomie and egg since last week, she says she likes me but,but I look like a chop and run type of guy, because of her I close my shop early and we spend time together until late night.
Last week Saturday we kissed and smooch for so long that my boxers was soaked with more than 3 derica of sperm but nothing happened and when i got home I dealt my Vaseline content a heavy blow and scooped a large quantity and masturbated in peace wth the picture of her yansh before my mind like musical notes on a pamphlet in front of a music conductor then i held my pillow tight and slept off.
She promised to come yesterday being my birthday,but I waited for endlessly like the church awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ the son of God,but she was no where to be found like a stolen property.
But I know i will fvck her soon because every day is for the girl but one day is for the boy and I will fvck her violently as if her grandfather offended my granddather before their demise

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