Pale Waves promise more new music arriving this month


Pale Waves singer Heather Baron-Gracie has revealed that more new music from the band will be shared in January.

The band are set to release their second album ‘Who Am I?’ on February 12, and it appears fans won’t have long to wait for another track from the new record.

Posting on Twitter, Baron-Grace wrote: “More new music this month”. When a fan pointed out that the band had previously indicated there would be one new track each month, the singer added “Got my dates wrong”.

The Manchester band have already released several songs from ‘Who Am I?’, with the gothic music video for ‘Easy’ – shared earlier this week (January 13) – following ‘Change’ and ‘She’s My Religion’.

Watch the ‘Easy’ video below.

Explaining the new Pale Waves clip, which was directed by James Slater, Baron-Gracie said: “I’m really inspired by the gothic medieval aesthetic and at the time I was thinking of the video I was watching a lot of Tim Burton films whose creativity really inspires me.”

Following on from 2018’s ‘My Mind Makes Noises’, ‘Who Am I?’ will also feature ‘Tomorrow’, which was previewed by the band during their 2019 UK headline tour. Other song titles include ‘Odd Ones Out’, ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and ‘Wish U Were Here’.

A press release states that ‘Who Am I?’ “acts as the Pale Waves manifesto – inspiring inclusivity, self-discovery, and the notion of being whoever the hell you want to be”. The songs’ lyrics deal with Baron-Gracie’s experiences of depression, distraction, and feelings of darkness.


Source NME

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