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PAINED: I WILL NEVER FORGIVE MY MOM! (Dedicated to: Miss OKORO JOY, a darling friend)

(Dedicated to: Miss OKORO JOY, a darling friend)

I still wonder why people celebrate their Moms, and would even tag a special day: ‘Mother’s Day’; that’s what I wouldn’t do – not even in life to come!
In fact, doing asuch would only depict [or showcase] how really foolish and terribly doomed I would ever be!

Dad’s tenderness and compassionate heart had always caused me problems; I mean big-big troubles. He made our home grew so large; even, almost a dozen (as he’d always want to ‘affect’ lives of some close relatives by training them in school). Mtcheew..Affect indeed! I had a rich Dad. But I was soon going to have a hopeless, wretched future (Tears..)

Well, maybe I’d say; Auntie Ajuma was such a kind lady. Though, she could be so stern at a very large calibration [or scale], and my vexation for her had always been on a pilgrimage to ‘High-Level’.
She left the village to stay with us when I was barely 4yrs old: I was pretty stubborn, anyway. But I so much disliked her – even, to the core! – she wouldn’t even let me be for once… Ah! Deputy Demon!!

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The educational structure in the village had been greatly dilapidated and crumbled, which had also rendered many literally ‘un-schooled’ – even, Madam ‘Deputy Demon’ inclusive. (Or, had she not once told lil sister: ”the past tense of run is runned”? Hahahah.. How I’d always ridicule her to the brim! Bad egg indeed!)
I could easily be irritated! And her presence was always stinking to me; emitting spontaneous waves of bitterness; and her speeches and rebukes – they were like many hard blows of mallet on my nose! What a shit!
But everything suddenly got changed.
Look how life has twisted my neck against the walls; like a child crutched in the wheels of meningitis. I’m now a dry crust…with no single importance…with no iota of greatness – not even in the world to come. How useless I am right now! Oh, I’m forever doomed! (Tears…)

My tails swivelled sideways in celebration of victory each time Auntie Ajuma attempted flogging me with cane. Of course, why wouldn’t I be victorious, when Mom’s ‘love’ for me never permitted any such ‘rubbish’? Would you dare yell at me – the apple of her eyes? Then you must be crazy!

In short, I was always licensed to practice corruption. But most importantly, I had strong faith in my ‘defender’!
”Your Dad’s money is yours too!” she sponsored. ”You can ‘take’ from it anytime. But, always make sure he doesn’t catch you. Always be smart anyway!” she’d carefully caution too.

I grew with the thought stuck at my mind that stealing is super-normal, and I wouldn’t think twice.
I was walking on a thin rope knotted to the two mountain tops, and my fate was no less calamity. Can’t you see how shattered I am right now?
I thought Auntie Ajuma so much hated me, and was always prying on me, and to prevent my chances of ‘flexing’. I thought Mommy was offering me the best of life; I would steal goods from her mini-supermarket to school and share with my friends; I would even dress recklessly and wear my trousers below my waist; I often kept company with bad friends (even, Kole and Ali my best friends who had started masturbating, stealing and smoking at their early ages of 8 and 9 respectively). But she had never scolded me for once…not even for once!

But she had never preached the truth to me…not even a pinch!

But she had never cared about my decaying soul…even when she saw I was drifting away from righteousness. I was only lavished with expensive material gifts at the expense of my soul… To her, everything I ever did was right. Oh, my soul! Oh, my wanderer soul! Would you ever forgive me? (Tears…)

She always claimed to love me, but like a veil was my heart blinded and the thick linings of my right mind chopped off.

My primary school mate Dr Nazi is now the Ass. Director, LOVEMS National Hospital (the 2nd Best Hospital in Africa) but, I lay bare on the ground right now, with my past life looking into my eyes; with the crown of sorrow fitted on my big head.

Now has that ‘love’ been of any usefulness?? Instead, the devil has forever hung my conscience above the cliff so high: I’d even rape a girl… I’d even sniff in more gas from the public sewage (or suck-away). Would you need talk much of marijuana and cocaine? Maybe, I’d have my middle name changed to ‘Opium’ by now.. I’d even stab my rivals at their skuls so hard that they’d never survive. What stupid thing I’ve ever been to my race. Oh, unfortunate me!

#NB: This’s a fictional story of a young man who had lost hope of ever seeing sunshine again.

– It’s no love to always withdraw cane in training your kids. Remember, ”Open rebuke is better than secret love”

– Scare them away from evil. Scold and correct them when they go wrong, and they’d ever be grateful, soonest!

– Do not always spare your child a rod.

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– Agada Moses-Love, TMOGL8



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