OMG 50 Cent’s Biggest Beefs of 2019: Who and Why

50 Cent’s Biggest Beefs of 2019: Who and Why

50 Cent has beefed with so many people in the entertainment industry (and beyond), it would probably be easier to count the number of people he hasn’t exchanged words with, rather than the other way around. Throughout his career, 50 has come up against some of the biggest names in the game, never shying away from petty diss tracks or memes on social media. Think of the most disrespectful thing a person could do or say to an individual, and 50 Cent has most likely done it (or at least thought about it).

His conniving and relentless tactics have arguably been just as crucial to his career as his music catalog and business deals. 2019 has been no different. This year alone, Fif has rehashed decade-long beefs and started new ones, showing why he is the master of witty and hilarious clapbacks. When it comes to 50 Cent, there is no telling who he will pick as his next target. For now, here’s a breakdown of people 50 has beefed with in 2019.

Ja Rule

50 Cent and Ja Rule’s feud has been going on for close to two decades, and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. To spare you all of the drama, let’s just take it back to the past two years.

In fall of 2018, Fif supposedly bought 200 front row tickets to Ja Rule’s Las Vegas concert in order to ensure the venue looked empty. Making matters worse, he trolled Ja on Instagram with a photoshopped image of himself sitting in the empty row of seats. Ja Rule appeared to be unbothered on Twitter, writing, “I get under [50 Cent’s] skin. I love it.”

When asked why he bought the Las Vegas tickets on an August 2019 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Fif said: “I just happened to see them on [the internet]. It was like, ‘They so cheap, I might as well just buy them.’”

Their beef didn’t end with the concert tickets, though. Ja Rule took his own chance to troll 50 in a series of Instagram posts. In March 2019, Ja posted a photo of 50 with the caption: “Herman monster head ass nigga.” He followed up months later by calling him a “rat” for supporting Tekashi 6ix9ine, who allegedly snitched on his affiliates in his ongoing racketeering case. “Fuck these RATS and [50 Cent] is a fucking RAT too,” he wrote.

This is one of the most exhausting beefs in the history of rap feuds. So don’t hold your breath, there will likely be new waves of jabs and disses in the many years to come.

Floyd Mayweather

Like 50, Floyd Mayweather is also a master of drawing out feuds. Fif’s problems with the boxing champ date back to 2012, but gained momentum once again in August 2019, when Floyd dissed 50 on Instagram. He fired shots by running through a list of rappers who had more successful business careers than he did, mentioning Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, and Diddy. “It was only 4 shots that ended Curtis,” he wrote in the caption.

It didn’t take long for 50 to hit back. He responded to the TMT mogul by seemingly trying to put an end to the madness. “Tell Floyd I said he won, he is the greatest of all time. And nobody, I mean nobody can ever take that away from him. What he’s done with his life is amazing. I’m done with all of the back and forth,” he tweeted. But just when he said something nice, he ruined it with one final line. “Now can someone please read this to [the] champ.”

The punchline was a reference to the early days of their feud, in which 50 poked fun at Mayweather struggle with reading. At the time, Fif offered to pay $750,000 to a charity of Mayweather’s choosing if he could read one sentence in a Harry Potter book. Some things never die.

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent

The story of how 50 Cent started beefing with Power executive producer, Randall Emmett and his fiancée, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, is absolutely wild. It all started in April 2019, when 50 took to Instagram and accused Emmett of owing him $1 million. “Keep playing with me and get ya fucking head cracked in front of everybody,” 50 threatened on IG. “You took my kindness for weakness. Now I’m going to show you what I’ve been trying not to do to you dumb motherfucker.”

“Disgusted” by 50’s threats, Kent entered the firing zone, shaming the rapper for addressing the situation on Instagram. That didn’t stop 50, though. He retaliated by sharing a series of memes that mocked both Emmett and Kent. “Money Monday right around the corner,” he said, counting down the days until Emmett was supposed to cough up his cash.

Emmett declined to engage with Fif at first, but 50 shared a text he received from Emmett in which he apologized and promised to pay back the loan immediately. Emmett appeared to be so shaken up that he spelled 50’s name as “Fofty,” which unleashed a series of jokes and hashtags on social media.

In the end, 50 Cent got paid. On an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Livefollowing the incident, he said that he didn’t regret how the situation went down. “I got me paid right away,” 50 said. “I don’t have a problem with them.”

Jackie Long

50 never quits. Shortly after his viral beef with Randall Emmett, he found a new target: ATL’s Jackie Long. In May 2019, he accused Long of owing him $250,000 over a card game. “This punk ass nigga [Jackie Long] better give me my money,” he threatened. “You on BET now, you can have mine by Monday fool.”

Long didn’t scare easily. The actor hit back in the comments section of 50’s initial Instagram post, claiming to have already paid back his debt. But Fifty wasn’t buying it. The Get Rich Or Die Trying star responded with a series of memes and videos trolling Long.

The incident quickly fizzled out the next day (as most of his feuds over money do) when he announced that Long’s loan had been paid off. “Me and [Jackie Long] talked and after receiving a small cash app, we are squared away,” he wrote. “I have no problem with Jackie. In fact, I’m wishing him and his family the best. God bless. Positive Vibes only.”

Long agreed with 50, later writing in a post on Instagram, “No negative vibez.”


Bow Wow

In the next edition of “Who Owes 50 Cent Money,” Bow Wow was the main target. In June 2019, 50 Cent claimed he gifted his celebrity friends with a stack of $1 bills to make it rain on exotic dancers in a strip club. Instead of throwing the dollars, Bow Wow allegedly stashed them in his pockets. “We came there like this, Bow Wow stealing ones. Why the fuck you ain’t throw that to the dancers? You better get me the fucking money by Monday,” Fifty tweeted. He even dragged Jermaine Dupri into the mix, shaming the producer and writer for not raising Bow Wow properly.

Bow Wow initially denied the allegations, claiming he brought his own bag of money to the club, but 50 wasn’t having it. He banned Bow Wow from his annual Tycoon Party Weekend. Luckily, this feud came to an end a couple weeks later, when 50 announced the debt had been repaid. “Now that I got my money, I’m wishing Bow Wow peace, happiness, all the blessings that could come to [him],” he wrote on Instagram. He also lifted the ban from future events.


Fif’s issue with Common was very brief and didn’t actually trigger a response from the Chicago veteran. Surprisingly, Common didn’t owe 50 money or come at him on social media. Instead, 50 took issue with Common’s 2019 memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word. In the book, Common discussed his difficult breakup with girlfriend Erykah Badu in 2002. After the story was picked up by a number of different outlets, Fif called Common the “male Vivica A. Fox,” which was a reference to his ex-girlfriend who notoriously shared secrets about their relationship years after their split.

Common was merely speaking his truth, but 50 doubled down on his comments on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. “He said something about Erykah Badu, about not being able to eat when he broke up with her,” Fifty said. “I was like, ‘Oh, man, that was a while ago!’ That was like a shot, you know? That’s like a ‘Can we try this again?’ type of thing. If you can throw that out there in public? That’s like you’ve been going… I just felt like he was reaching back after that. I just don’t know why you would say it if you got over it.” Luckily, this feud didn’t go anywhere. Fif noted that he hadn’t heard from Common since his initial remarks.

Teairra Mari

50 Cent and Teairra Mari’s feud was so wild, it went all the way to court. In a January 2019 lawsuit, Teairra accused 50 Cent of sharing sexual content of her on social media. The reality star claimed that the videos, which featured her performing sexual acts on her ex-boyfriend, were spread in an act of revenge porn and 50 brought more attention to the explicit content by posting it on his social media accounts. A judge didn’t see it Teairra’s way, however, awarding $30,000 to cover 50’s legal fees and damages. Shortly after the ruling, Fif trolled the singer about the turn of events in now-deleted posts on Instagram.

Months went by, and 50 had not received his money, which prompted more ridicule on social media. In response to the constant trolling, Teairra released a diss track aimed at Fif, entitled “I Ain’t Got It.” Then 50 took it back to court, serving the singer legal papers while she was in an airport. When the judge questioned her about 50’s money, she accused him of bullying her on social media. But once again, a judge was not seeing it her way. The judge awarded 50 an additional $4,000 for the delay. Teairra probably won’t be handing over that cash anytime soon (she claims she’s “broke broke”), so until that day comes, it’s a safe bet to expect more memes from 50 Cent.


Not even 50 Cent’s Power co-star, Rotimi, could escape his tactics. In May 2019, Fif claimed Rotimi owed him an outstanding balance of $300,000. The debt was from a couple of years ago, but since Rotimi was making waves with his new album, 50 decided it was time to collect. “I want to punch this nigga nose,” he wrote on Instagram. “[Rotimi] got the #1 RNB album. Time to pay me on gang.”

Rotimi initially claimed he didn’t owe 50 a dime, suggesting he was only a target because of his newfound musical success. The actor appeared to switch up his story a few days later when he elaborated on the situation during an interview with TMZ. According to Rotimi, he accumulated the massive debt from a record deal he signed with G-Unit back in 2014. He opted out of the deal after he and the label disagreed about one of his singles. “So I asked him, ‘Can I get out of my deal?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I’m not going to hold you back. But there’s business,’” Rotimi recalled of his conversation with Fif. “I paid an upfront sum and everything else would be through mechanical sales or royalty and everything.”

So, 50 may have exaggerated the amount he was owed, but Rotimi revealed to TMZthat he paid the last installment that same week. “Because it is my brother, instead of waiting for royalties, and I am able to pay, I gave him $100,000,” Rotimi revealed. “We’re good.”

After receiving his payment, 50 sent well wishes Rotimi’s way, saying, “I have no problem with [Rotimi]. In fact, I wish him and his family the best. God bless.”

Young Buck

50 Cent’s beef with G-Unit’s Young Buck is one of his more serious situations. His problems with Young Buck span over several years, but it gained new media coverage when 50 called his former friend out over a June 2019 episode of The Breakfast Club.On the Power 105.1 show, Buck suggested he was scammed by 50 in the early days of his career because he wasn’t business savvy.

The Effen Vodka mogul didn’t take too kindly to Buck’s comments. He later hopped on Instagram to address the situation, claiming that he gave the rapper millions to help with his finances. “I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes, all his legal fees,” Fif revealed before making transphobic remarks. “Then he got caught with a tranny, and said fuck you 50. No, fuck you punk ass nigga.”

Their beef has since spiraled into an even bigger mess. After 50 pushed out more transphobic hate aimed at Buck, the G-Unit artist retaliated with two diss tracks. The first single, “Foofy Freestyle” was made over Drake’s Pusha-T diss track, “Duppy Freestyle.” On the song, he claimed to have ghostwritten numerous songs for 50 during his heyday. He followed up with “The Story of Foofy,” which borrows Jay-Z’s “The Story of OJ” instrumentals. “Okay let’s make them think they owe me when I’m really lonely/My story phony, man, come and think they really miss my homies/This is what you did to Kidd Kidd/This for my nigga Crippy while he doing his bid,” he spits.

Surprisingly, 50 didn’t respond to Young Buck again. That could be because Buck is blocked on his Instagram account. Or maybe he found his next subject. Stay tuned.

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